Sunday, October 8, 2017

Looking for the Good - A Week-long Recap

There was a lot of good for me this past week.  
So much so, that my inauspicious start to this month's challenge...
well, became even more inauspicious.
And though there's a part of me that feels guilt over focusing on what around me is blessed while the world reels in sadness over tragic events, there's a critical part that remembers...

The point of focusing on the blessings is to spread that purpose within my reach, throwing a stone and hopefully making a ripple of good.

So will you indulge me as I give a recap?
There is no deep philosophical discovery here....
Simply an intentional concentration on the ways our great and gracious God daily blesses me...

It wasn't only was GREAT riding my bike to the beach with my husband, grabbing a bowl of Nekter on the way and making camp in the sand as we watched the Huntington Beach airshow.  (And thank goodness for ear plugs.)

The very first meet and greet with my amazing partner teaching artist, Megan, and our brand new school couldn't have gone better.  We have been so blessed with a team of teachers who are excited to be chosen as one of four schools in the OC to onboard Disney Musicals in Schools and are preciously nervous about learning and leading.  Yes to sustainable musical theater programs in schools!

Teaching two workshops at Disneyland for a GREAT group of all girls was hilarious, chatty and pure joy.  I loved watching the faces of these young women as they were challenged to sing better; tell stories through music; and see and hear firsthand their musical and performance gifts.  Thanking Jesus for the opportunity to change young lives through music has become a mainstay focus for me.

Interviewing for and booking a new gig on the spot was a highlight.  Best comment from my interviewers, "After looking at your resume, we asked ourselves, 'Why are we even interviewing her?  We should just hire her.' "  As a woman approaching midlife whose nest is almost empty and who often struggles with her worth and future, this much-appreciated and humbling comment was exactly what I needed to hear that day.  

God knew.  
And I am so grateful.

Shopping for my daughter's wedding reception (yes, it's still almost two years away, but we cannot be stopped!) was such a gift.  I love watching her vision and intent becoming clear and helping her follow through with it.  It's a sweet reminder of her womanhood and future.

So many moments to relish.
So much good to share.
I pray each of you finds some beautiful moments in your weeks to cherish and share with those around you.
Praying we all continue seeing the good.

{Have a great Sunday.
And thanks for reading.}


  1. Thanks for the uplifting message, Cynthia, and congratulations on the new gigs! Please keep it up!

    1. Steve, thank you for the kind and encouraging words. We all need them now more than ever I think. Miss your family and would love to see you soon. In the meantime, gonna keep #lookingforthegood !