Tuesday, November 1, 2016

30 Days of Loving Well

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  
I love the cool and the changing colors of the leaves.
(Yes, there are a few trees here in Southern California that change.  Always a treat to see them!)  
Fall is also a time for starting new things.  
Perhaps ingrained from my childhood school days, even though I was a bundle of nerves before the start of every school year, it was always an opportunity to learn new things...reconnect with friends...and shed the laziness of summer.

It felt like a time to get down to it...a time to be industrious, collecting nuts to sustain me through the winter months and into spring.

As an adult, November is especially dear to me as it is the month when God blessed me with my two greatest gifts on Earth...my children.
Born one day (and three years apart), I always look forward to celebrating their lives and the incredible world of love they have opened to me.

So for this, my most favorite time of year, I've decided to dedicate November to a series on loving well.  
Each Other.  
Our world.

I'm truly looking forward to turning my eyes in the direction of my blessings....
All I have been given.
The gifts that surround me each day.
Thirty days of loving well seemed like the perfect way to start.

{Praying I get all 30 days in this time.
I hope you will join me as we 
travel this month of gratitude, 
looking about you for all you have to love.
Thanks for reading.}

photo credit:  Dawn Ellner, "Autumn Leaves" on flickr

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