Monday, November 7, 2016

30 Days of Loving Well - Your House

I love our house.  And I loved the one before that.  And the one before that.  And the apartment before that.  And the condo shared with roommates before that.  (Actually, I didn't really love that one...too many "guy" things surrounding me from a formerly three man bachelor pad.)  But I loved the townhouse before that too.

I've moved ALOT!!

If you're reading this, it doesn't matter if you live in a one bedroom apartment...
Or a three bedroom 1950's ranch...
Or a shared townhouse with roommates...
Or a 3,000 sq ft house near the ocean...
Or your parents home in a small bedroom...

I don't care if you rent or own or lease or squat (well, I guess I should care if you squat)...

I've lived in every single one of the above, in each and every scenario (again, minus the squatting), and what I've found to be true remains the same:

Different homes in different seasons with different loves...
You can love any place you live as long as you open your heart to what you have.

Here are a few guidelines I've tried to follow to make the most of where I am.

  • Surround yourself with things you love - colors that inspire or comfort you, candles if you feel lifted by your olfactory senses, books, music....the sky's the limit!  Really there are no rules for this one because each of us feels emotionally embraced by different worldly things.  For me, it's the colors grey, aqua/turquoise, and orange; vanilla or autumn candles; and birds upon birds upon birds.  (My kids call me a "weird bird lady."  I'm cool with that.  I just love them so much.) The most important canon here, though, is it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive...just surround yourself with the things that make your heart happy.
  • Start small -   If you want to love your house more but only have a small budget, make small changes that go a long way.  Start with new pillows, for example, in a fabric and color that makes you feel good.  Paint a room (provided you have the landlord's permission!) It's the biggest bang for your buck action; throw up a peel-n-stick wall paper in a fun pattern; change the knobs on your kitchen cabinets.  You don't have to go all glass tile back splash and travertine floor tile to make a big change in the way you feel.
  • Keep things clean - I am the. worst. at this.  However, when I take the time and follow a regime (rarely), I feel soooooo much better about my home.  I'm just starting to take this more seriously, mainly because we all have such bad allergies at this time of year.  I found a helpful chart on Pinterest from "A Cultivated Nest" that I'm printing, posting and attempting to follow in the days to come (though cleaning vents monthly is a hilarious goal I will never achieve!).  If this kind of organization makes your head spin, I've discovered and followed one rule that always makes me feel better: Start each day by cleaning your kitchen sink.  Boom. You're welcome.
  • It's the people, not the stuff, that makes a house a home - Accept where things are in your life right now.  If you kinda hate where you live (truly, I've been here too), unless you have the budget and are planning for a whole home reno, in the words of my kid's 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Koerner:  "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"  I've had little in a rundown apartment in a rundown neighborhood and I've had "stuff" in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood.  And the same remains true no matter the scenario...if I seek joy in the company I keep; in the graces of each day; in the gratitude of my heart, everything around me just looks more beautiful.
Hope you look around you today, wherever you are, with great joy and reverence for the blessings He has showered upon you and yours.  Now, light a candle and go clean your sink.  

{Loving this #30daysoflovingwell series.  
It's really working to focus 
my heart on grace.  
Whew...needed it.
Thanks for reading.}

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