Saturday, November 5, 2016

30 Days of Loving Well - Daughters

Today I have only one teenager.
But two children.
Can you guess why?
(This scenario is not quite as complicated as the riddle, as told by our friend David, that Colleen loved solving years ago at a camping trip up in Yosemite:  A teenage boy is in an accident with his father, needs surgery but when the doctor comes in and says, "I'll operate on my son," the question is posed - How is this possible?  The answer, of course:  The doctor is his mother.  

P.S. Could that riddle be any more insulting to women?!?  Probably why Colleen loved it.  
She knew she would confound the stereotype to be in medicine one day!)

Anyway, one teenager...two offspring.
You've probably guessed it.
It's my daughter's birthday.
And she's 20.

Colleen has been a surprise her whole life.
She was born five months after her father and I were married...
(In the sage words of my sister's mother-in-law:  "Most babies take nine months but first babies can come any time. :)
And to say that she has been the love of my life ever since is a serious understatement.

Coll was born with eyes wide open, looking about the hospital room, studying each person.
The nurse blurted, "She looks just like her Daddy."
Twins, it turns out, in appearance and personality.
(Though, as my mother-in-law points out, Colleen has my "beautiful, curly hair."  And for that, we will thank God daily.)
She crawled for one week before she started walking; late, I might add, because I would never. put. her. down.  (Bless her separation anxiety's heart.  Totally my fault!)

She's always been the most dependable, organized, responsible daughter.
But also serious and a bit worried, and I'm finding that some of those qualities often go hand in hand.
She has the voice of an angel though since moving from her performing arts college to attend a college dedicated to the labor and delivery nursing field, I miss hearing that lark singing as often as I did.
So when she's beside me in church, letting it go, I am moved to tears.

She is studious.
She loves babies and children immeasurably.
Loves dogs...especially her dog, Faith.
Loves to bake and is quite gifted at it.
Loves to be creative, as her studies take her to the solemn side more often than she probably should travel.
She is my heart's love and my great joy...

Perhaps most endearing to me, however, is the fact that, though we could not be more different in personality and communication style, she often seeks my counsel.  To  take advice from your polar opposite can be a challenge, and I do not take the sacrifice she is making in doing so for granted.
It has been the most difficult year of her life.
But through it all, she has been courageous.
And transparent, perhaps the hardest quality for one who is guarded.
I couldn't be prouder of her bravery and her ability to look beyond today to a time that her goals will be complete, helping mamas and their babies with every new little thing that comes their way.

So today, on my daughter's 20th birthday, I am reminded of the great devotion that develops between a mother and her daughter.
The grace.
The sharing.
The emotional bond.
And I will forever be grateful that God blessed me with my beautiful firstborn.

{Thanking Jesus today for the life of my daughter...
For the hedge of protection He has placed 
around her this year.
Mostly, I'm looking forward to a 20th year 
of joy and peaceful hearts.
Happy birthday, Colleen!!  Love you dearly!
And thanks to my community for reading.}

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  1. Happy Birthday Colleen!!! Time goes by so fast, it seems like just the other day when Drew was telling the story of teaching her to park at work! ;)