Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Circle of Life - Coming Home, Day #12

Oh, how I love teaching.
It truly is a second home to me.
I love the slightly grimy, sweaty faces staring up at me in anticipation of art after a day in the classroom.
I love the buzz of excitement as they learn something new.
If I'm being honest, I love the job of coming in, teaching for two hours - 
- gettin' all the good and the warm and the singing and FUN - then going home.
The best of the best!

The other day at our Intro to Musical Theater class, after teaching the story arc to 
The Lion King kids, I asked the kids, "What part of the story stood out most to you?"
The answers never cease to amaze me...

"That they stopped worrying in the jungle..."

"That Simba thought he was responsible for his dad's death..."

"That the hyenas were evil and treated Scar bad at the end."

"That Timon and Pumba are funny..."

"That Simba faced his fear and returned to pride rock at the end.  He had alot of courage."

That last one slayed me.

Of all the observations made, noting Simba's courage to return to his people and defend his Father's place...
Well, I was undone. 

What stood out to me even more is that each of these kids, who had never seen me and my teaching partner before...
Had mostly never sung or danced in public before...
Had no idea what to expect before they met us...
That THEY had the courage to speak up.
Sounds alot like the hero of the story to me.

{Back in the classroom every 
Tuesday til the spring.
So grateful to be able to share this gift 
with the next generation.

Thanks for reading.}

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