Friday, October 7, 2016

Simply Saturday - Coming Home, Day #7

Simply Saturdays during Coming Home, #write31days, is dedicated to a series of links I've found that have helped me to live a better or more informed or more fulfilled life at home.
I'm sharing here in the hopes that they help you and yours as well!

Enjoy your weekend!

#1 Farm Fresh to You...

Yesterday I shared about a food delivery service that we started a month ago.  We LOVE it!  So delicious and fresh from the farm.  (Thus the title. :)  
The prices are a little higher than the grocery but considering what you get and the convenience with which it comes to us, it's awesome.  
Just sign up,
decide what you want in your box each time, 
the frequency with which you want your deliveries 
(I think weekly, bi-monthly and monthly are the choices...but don't quote me!),
and gather it from your doorstep on Friday.
(This is a California thing...sorry out-of-staters!  But consider checking out if there is something similar near important to support local farmers!) 
It's the best.  
And if you sign up with the referral code CYNT1814, you'll get $10 off your first order.  
Win win!

#2  A podcast by Andy Andrews, one of the most influential thought leaders of our generation...

Why You Have to Vote in This Election Even if You Don't Like the Choices
I NEVER post political opinions or recommendations on this blog...
(For that matter, Andy generally doesn't on his either...)
It's not my expertise or the aim of this site.
I thought this podcast by Andy Andrews was very thought-provoking.  
The one thing I will share with you about my views is that I think it is incredibly important to be involved in our country's political system, even if it is only to exercise the amazing privilege to be an informed voter.  
No matter what your position, I feel Andy brings up some important points.
Hope you listen while carefully considering your decision.

#3  CANDLES!!!!

I LOVE candles but especially in the fall and winter seasons.

At a recent jaunt over to the Hermosa Beach Craft Fair, we encountered a local candle artisan who creates their product right in my Huntington Beach hood.

Terravela Natural Body and Bath, is owned by a husband/wife team, and though their candles aren't fancy in appearance (kinda the point, I think), they are amazingly scented.

I have been burning my Pumpkin Spice every morning in the kitchen, filling the house with it's spicy warmth.  
(At least it feels like autumn even though it's still 80 degrees outside!)
The candles are all-soy and each has a burning time in the triple digits of hours.
So even though a little pricier than what you might find at Home Goods, it's double the burning time - plus helping a small company!
All the good things...

Hope your weekend is terrific and that you do a little exploring on the above.
After all, it's Simply Saturday...the time to kick it and have a little fun!

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