Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Saying Yes to the Mess - Coming Home, Day #11

Remember that sweet, picturesque post on Day #4 where I allowed you to walk through my world with all of my best versions of home?
The one with the lyrical quote to match each shot?
The one where everything looked perfect...
Tied up with a bright, colorful bow and ready to post proudly anywhere?
The one titled "There's No Place Like Home"?

Well, today, I have a different sort of home a-cookin'.
And it ain't so purty.
And it definitely ain't like tied up with a bow.
(Unless that bow is made of recycled pizza boxes topped with a helping of unfolded laundry.)

Today, this is home...

Ain't Life Grand?!?!

Unfolded laundry and unwashed clothes.
Overflowing trash and cluttered counter tops.
And, of course, what disaster would be complete without a dining table full of unpaid bills and unsigned contracts?
(And correct, that pile of papers has been there for three days, preventing us from having dinner around the table - 
- because I have it all organized into manageable stacks...
...that I somehow still haven't managed.)

Yes, sometimes home is messy.
Amidst the busy and the working and the school and the outside commitments...
Stuff.  Just.  Accumulates.
...stack upon stack upon stack.
And there is a time for rolling up one's sleeves and tackling every project so your people can rest more easily at night, knowing all is organized.
But there is also a time for saying "yes to the mess," putting faith and relationship and reading and - shocker!  - even time for oneself ahead of a Pinterest perfect home.

Today is that day for me.
I'm saying yes to the mess so I can take some much needed time for my soul.  
I hope that gives you permission to do the same when you need to.

(Gonna write...
gonna see my therapist...
gonna get my back worked on...
gonna sing by myself in the car 
while I drive alone...
Then maybe I'll think about cleaning up.
Thanks for go embrace your own mess!} 

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