Monday, October 3, 2016

Music as Memory - Coming Home, Day #3

Home doesn't have to be a building.
Or a city.
Or a star on a map.

It can be a person.
Or a book.
Or an olfactory sense.

For me, it's often music.

One of the definitions I found of home reads "the place where someone originally comes from: the place to which you feel strongly attached."  Oh yes, every time I hear a familiar refrain that melody can transport me like nothing else in this world.  
(In fact, Barbara Streisand and I have traveled many a lonesome road together singing, "A Piece of Sky," or "The Way He Makes Me Feel."  
Whether or not she knows it, of course.  
Oh, Babs, you're the best!)

Today the place I visit is so dear it makes me well up.
It's birds singing and guitars strumming and crabbing off the edge of the pier.
It's sunrise and sunset and ocean waves lapping.
It's tiny fingers and tiny toes and babies giggling.
It's Heaven and earth and every gap in between.

It's Perfect Peace.
By Laura Story.
Told in the voice of God.
Oh, how I love this home.

{I hope you enjoy one of my favorite songs.  
Please consider downloading Laura Story's albums.  
Her melodies are haunting and lyrics heartbreaking 
in the most beautiful way.  
Thanks for reading.  And for listening.

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