Friday, October 7, 2016

Foodie Friday - Coming Home, Day #6

Welcome to Fridays on Coming Home, #write31days, featuring FOOD!!
(Could there be a better way to appreciate home?)

Years ago, Drew and I took the kids to Santa Barbara for a Spring Break vacation...definitely a favorite trip of mine.  We made a family challenge on this trip to only eat at non-chain restaurants.  Though I was very happy to have my Starbucks 1/2 caff, double, tall, one Splenda latte back on day 4, it was so much fun getting out of our comfort zone; 
trying new dishes, meeting new people and experiencing new surroundings.  
It also opened my eyes to how important it is to support Mom & Pop, small business endeavors.

The kids and I took a Labor Day excursion over to Hermosa Beach for a craft and food fair last month.  We loved backing some beautiful and worthy small industries, the best of which was signing up for a bi-monthly food service, delivered fresh to our door from the farm.  
It's like Christmas morning every two weeks!  
(Except the week that it was delivered on my birthday...then it was a birthday gift!!)

So in honor of Foodie Friday
And the incredible birthday gift I received from my of my favorites ever...
I'd love to gift YOU my favorite green drink recipe...

This morning's delivery...


Handful spinach
Handful kale
1 small apple (sweet)
1/2 cucumber
4 stalks (branches? what are they called?) cilantro
Thumbnail of ginger root
1 Tbsp flax seeds
Juice of 1 lime
Coconut water
Ice Cubes

Blend & ENJOY!!!

{Happiest, healthiest of Fridays to you all...
...and thanks for reading!}

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