Saturday, October 1, 2016

Coming Home

All roads lead home...

The original quote by American columnist Marjorie Holmes read "At Christmas, all roads lead home."  
I love that image.
The packing of bags, the boarding of flights, the joyous greeting at the airport.
Next the long winding highway traversing between the conifers and magnolias, then over Mobile Bay to number 7 home.
There's nothing like the warm embrace of family when life is good.

But what about when the road is broken?
When life is long and holy heavy...
...and wholly heavy...
That bumpy, arduous road needs to find its way back to the familiar...
Even broken roads lead home.

So in this season of warmth and gratitude, I've decided to come home.
Home to these words.
Home to this space.
Home to your kinship and light of your friendship.
It's been too long.
I pray, after all this time, you'll walk the journey with me once again.
We're stronger in community.

{So, so long away from you while
surviving an incredibly difficult year.  
I'm overjoyed to be back.  
And I'll tell you parts of the journey during this 
#write31Days of October.
Thank you for reading.}

photo cred:  Gatineau Park, Peter de Wit

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