Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Where You Go, I'll Go - Part II

Yesterday's post found me looking for a rental home after the very quick sale of our house in August.  (If you missed it, read here to catch up on where I'm going with this...)

As I mentioned, I knew immediately that this was the home I had been praying for.  

  • First, it popped up the day after I decided to pray a big, bold prayer.  
  • Second, it was unlike anything that had surfaced  on the rental sites until that time.  
  • Third, it looked quite similar to a home Drew & I had offered on several years back when we wanted to upgrade.  

Same color.  
Same style.  
Same charm.  
Nicer and newer but same feel nonetheless.

We were heartbroken when we lost that bidding war way back.  Of course, God had other, better plans for us, so we eventually realized that we weren't meant to live there.  Still, the raw of losing it would resurface in me every now and then.  I was so charmed by that Cape Cod-ey kind of Southern porch feel, all clapboard siding and cream colored trim.  And the green/black color scheme is a classic yet not often seen, especially in Southern California.

The house we offered on 5 years ago...
The house that popped up on Zillow for rent this August...

The house was out of our price range, but I decided to look anyway.  After all, here it was the very day after I prayed.  And, is that St. Francis of Assisi in the garden?  My Daddy's favorite...

I clicked open the photo stream after seeing the exterior shot, saw this first as a steady stream of consciousness, a dialogue with God, began verbally vomiting in my brain...

1st interior shot

"No, an upright piano in the living room?!?
The player piano bequeathed to Drew from Marvin is "front and center" for us too.
Lord, you know we're all all about the music.
And, is that a statue of the Blessed Mother on the piano?
Is this a Catholic family?
No, can't be..."

I continued on to pic #2...

"Please tell me that this is a dedicated dining room!!
Italian people need a dining room!!
Lord, you know I've never had one.
And look at the light spilling in.
So warm and inviting...but the ceilings are high.  It's so spacious.
P.S.  Is that a cross on the wall?  Ummm, I have a cross collection.  
This is weird...can't be real..."

Third shot in...

"Ummm, yes those are definitely crosses on the wall.  
Jesus, are you trying to tell me something?
This. cannot. be. happening."

The last shot, this one of the backyard exterior convinced me that this house was meant only for me and my family alone...

"God, are you really providing a pergola for our outdoor gatherings?  
The ones we have had for years and years under the light of the outdoor patio...
the get-together's where we have lingered into the night with friends and family?  
Really God?
Uh, have I told you lately how awesome You are?!?"

I was dumbfounded.

But He wasn't done yet...now for the rest of the items I asked for.
I looked on the map and the house was exactly 3 city blocks - one mile! - from my son's school.  
And the beach?  
The ocean with all of it's overcast mornings and turquoise blue midday splendor?  
Six city blocks.

It couldn't have been clearer.  
This was our home.  
The one I prayed for...  
Supplied for us a mere 24 hours after I prayed that incredibly poignant prayer.

But would we get it?
And would the timing work out?

Friends, Day #6 of
- New Beginnings - 
reminds me that He will always find a way and a path for His plan.
Even when we're too blind
(or too terminally dense?)
to see it.

As ever, God's timing is always perfect and forever mind blowing.

{The final part
Part  III of Where You Go, I'll Go 
coming at ya' Thursday.
See you then.}

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