Monday, October 5, 2015

Where You Go, I'll Go - Part I

Our house sold after 12 days on the market.
We thought we were golden!
Then came the sale aftermath.
And the paperwork!
Oh, the paperwork...
It must have felled at least 10 trees all by itself!

We were finally ready to set a close escrow date.
But then we realized...
We have nowhere to move.


Of course, I had been looking for a place since the moment we decided to put the house on the market.  However, we were looking to rent instead of purchase, as we were moving for our boy to attend the Academy of the Performing Arts.  Who knew whether or not we would want to stay there after he graduated?  Why put down roots in a place you aren't head over heels for?

House after house came on the rental market.
I was subscribing to three different sites at this point in the hopes that I would find the next available home before anyone else did.  I had been looking at one property for a few weeks that seemed perfect.  
Close to the school.  
Beautiful home.  
Gated community.  
We set our escrow date, and my next call was to the rental had been rented that afternoon.  
It was difficult getting excited about anything after that one.

Me and the boys went to look at a few properties in person.
It was all a bit Goldilocks...
This one's too far.
This one's too quiet.
And then finally....
This one's juuuuust right.
(That one ended up being rented the day after we saw it too!  Argh!)

Why do I never think to start with prayer?
Why is it still - all of these years and lessons later - a last resort?
Maybe so that the miracles are more evident?

After the second disappointment, I started praying the very next evening for the "right thing."

Encouraged by my friend, Sally, who told me, "Jesus is looking to bless you beyond what your imagination can even fathom you need or want," I prayed in a new way.  
I prayed in a way I'm not used to...
I feel like I usually beg for scraps, as if that's all I deserve.  
As if that's all God feels I deserve.

No, this time, I decided to pray a big, bold prayer.
I prayed for a house that would sleep lots of people as I want to open our home and hearts to as many as we can bless.
I prayed for a home that was warm and inviting but light and spacious.
I prayed for the right homeowner who would want our family taking care of their investment.
I prayed for a house close to my son's school.
I prayed for a house close to the beach where I could experience the serenity of the ocean as often as possible.
I prayed for Jesus' most profound, far and away blessings on our family.
"Just a couple of things, Lord..."

The very next morning, a house popped up on Zillow.
I knew it was the one.

Home Sweet Home for now...

So for Day #5 of 
- New Beginnings - 
I reveal the house we've been graced with for the next few years.  
Yes, in this new beginning, I'm reminded that my beautiful Saviour 
doesn't want me begging for the least....
The barely getting by...
The table scraps usually saved for the dogs.
I am His child, and He wants to bless me abundantly 
so I can share all of those blessings with others.

Thank You, Jesus, for your grace and gifts.

{More tomorrow on how I immediately 
knew that this was our home.  
Hint:  Take a look at the front garden 
outside the gate for my first clue.
And thanks for reading.}


  1. How delightful cynthia:) wow. can't wait to read the rest of the story;) selling homes has always been a not fun activity of ours. when we sold our home a couple of years ago to move closer to one of our daughters, it sold in less than a day! i was shocked!! not only that, but they wanted the house in 5 weeks instead of my anticipated 6. we had to get it in gear to get moved and find a place to rent in AL, quite a few states away! it was wild!

    1. Thank you for reading AND commenting Martha! So grateful to have you here. This was our family home of 14 years so it was our first home sale ever. Not anxious to do it again any time soon! :) But the market is really hot in Southern California right now, so we were blessed beyond that it sold in such a short period of time. And can I tell you something funny? I'm originally from Alabama! So I'd love to know where y'all ended up there. I'm from Fairhope/Daphne right on beautiful Mobile Bay. Thanks again for stopping by!