Friday, October 2, 2015

What's in a Name?

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We put so much pressure on ourselves as a society, I think, when we decide to name something.
It's scary, isn't it?
Something so permanent?

I remember when I was pregnant with our first child, Drew and I sitting in our townhouse trying different names on her for size.  
My choice?  
Drew used a veto on that one..."sounds like an old  lady's name to me," he said.  
(Sorry to any Olivia who may be reading this.  I thought it sounded like a precious little girl with dark curls!)
We laughed over a few that we would NEVER name her.
(Again, my apologies to all of you Berthas and Blanches out there!)
Of course, once we held our precious Colleen Elizabeth in our arms, we knew there was never another name so perfect for this fair-haired Irish girl.

When we were expecting our son, we wrestled over the commitment of having another
"Andrew Boyd." 
Drew was a third.  
Would we need a fourth?!?
And though Drew wasn't terribly concerned with having his name live on, we didn't want to create an irreparable divide with his family.
Or worse, kill Great-grandmama with the shock of it.
Still, in my heart of hearts, I always knew I wanted to name a son after my daddy, Joseph.

So once we had "the conversation" with the paternal side (er, at least no one died), we set Joseph as the middle name and went about searching the baby book for a first name.
Three made it into the finals...Ian, Regan & Braden...
...with Braden winning the cup.
(Incidentally, when Braden found out the history on his name selection, he was pretty miffed that he didn't turn out to be a fourth.  "I like Andrew alot better than I like Braden.  I don't know what you guys were thinking."  Oh the joy of conversing with a 5th grader...sigh...)

But when I birthed my last baby, four years ago last week, I simply prayed for the name.
No discussions.  
No concerns.  
No legacies.  
I kept hearing the first over and over...
when I was driving about town,
(I seem to get a lot of answered prayers in the shower...cleanliness next to Godliness perhaps?!?)
The first name was right, I knew, but seemed incomplete. 
- "God's Daily Message" -
It didn't reflect the whole child so to speak.
So when the second name flooded my brain, I laughed aloud.
"For the terminally dense" - yep, that perfectly summed up my life at the time.
Wanting to listen, but coming off 43 years of trying with all my might to direct the course of my life, I just couldn't have been. more. dense.

I loved that answered-prayer-of-a-name yet, even though I imagined it would always describe my walk with Jesus, the past year, with its' many diverging paths, has brought a new need to the forefront.
One that reflects where I am personally and professionally, yet still captures the essence of this blog.

So, for day #2 of my 
- New Beginnings - 
I will simply tell you that tomorrow, this blog will have a new name.
An increased purpose.
A larger direction.
And, with God's help, an audience inspired by it's ordinary ideas with extraordinary intent.

Still my 3rd baby with her original God-driven name, 
the name that has served me so well...
and made me giggle every time I saw it...
will forever hold a dear and precious place in my heart...
Along with an abundant gratitude for helping me climb steadily &  faithfully 
out of the pit into the light.

"God has delivered me from going down to the pit,

    and I shall live to enjoy the light of life." - Job 33:28

Yes,the light of life.
Upward, my friends.
Ever upward.

{Stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow morning, October 3...
I hope you feel inspired by the change.}

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