Friday, October 16, 2015

Prayer for the Harried Human

As I pulled away from my garage this morning, I was reminded that not every
- New Beginning -
is ushered in with enthusiasm and excitement.
There are the every day new beginnings that can find us hiding under the bed, curled in the fetal and wanting our mommy.

You know that beginning?

The one where everyone leaves the house angry and not speaking?
The one where you go to your doctor's appointment in another city, planning on lifting that gas gauge above empty after the appointment...
Only to discover that you left your wallet at home?
The morning where you roll up to the Natural Gas station on fumes and a prayer, 
as you endeavor to leave the 10 miles of anxiety behind you?
The one where you clean all of the bathrooms before your appointment,  
then proceed to watch as your previously spotless toilet overflows with, what can only be described as, the lowest form of human excrement?
{Hence the moment you realize you could never play Jean ValJean in a production of Les Mis because you could never make it through the sewage scene 
- imaginary or not - 
without sharing that morning's breakfast with the audience?}

That morning which turns into afternoon as you realize:
You are never going to catch up on your paperwork;
Your smartphone is now crossing lines with your son's thus you're receiving his texts and he's receiving yours, some of which, ummmm, he maybe shouldn't be reading;
You have three projects, all undone and untended, that are outspread in various rooms of the house...and you don't have any idea WHEN you're even going to get to them.
The devil took you up on your challenge to try to knock you down with an upper respiratory infection...and it's working.

My office for the day.

Those mornings.
Those days.
Those beginnings.
What can you do?

Pray, friend.
That's it...pray.
It's always the answer.
Breathe. (while trying to not hack up a lung)
Rely on your Father who loves you.
Who guides you.
Who is the Master Physician.
Who is all that you need when nothing seems to be going your way.

So for all you harried humans out there, a prayer.

"Thank You Jesus, for this day.  Thank You for the opportunity to lean into Your grace & strength in my weakness.  Thank You for each and every new beginning, whether easy or challenging.  Because with each new beginning, that is exactly where Your grace lies...
in giving us another opportunity. 
Another morning.  
Another breath.  
Another chance to choose joy."

Today, in this moment of challenge and illness, I choose joy.
I choose Him.

{Choosing to find humor & grace 
in this redonkulous week . 
Pray you can too in whatever 
place you find yourself.  
Much thanks for visiting.}

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