Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Beginnings

I'm back.
I missed being here with you.
Can we begin this trek again together?

It's the first day of October, and thanks to the Nester & @CrystalStine, 
I am able to once again accept the challenge of #write31days.  
Just in the nick of time and clearly an answer to a prayer, the call came.  
I was contemplating a return to or a dropping of this personal journey - it had been so long since life had allowed me to write - so I decided to pray.  
What a concept...whew.  

The following day, a post popped up on my Facebook timeline with the invitation.  
I sighed.
I smiled.
I knew.
It was time to return.

There have been a truckload of new beginnings at the ol' McGarity homestead - 
including, but not limited to, a NEW homestead.
New city.
New school.
New work.
New travel.
So many things.
All blessings and all a bit overwhelming.

Clearly the theme for my 31 days was chosen, not by me but, by the One who bore me.
- New Beginnings - 
I'm so looking forward to sharing again, hearing from you, praying for you and doing life with you.
It's going to be good.

So for my first post, I'll just say "hello &  welcome back" to a 
New Beginning
for this blog.
Now get ready for your inbox to blow up!

Happy October...

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