Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meet Bella...

Okay guys, 
- New Beginnings - 
for this chick all the way around!
(And boy am I grateful for the #write31days challenge, so I can share them with you!)

After a small hiatus from everything "non-house related," 
(remind me to tell you about being stuck in a giant ogre's pocket for a few days)
I'm happy to report that my Branching Out in Faith app is getting a fun marketing facelift!
I've been using it daily again, and I'm humbled each time at how much richer my prayer life is when I'm actively reminded to pray.
And that daily gratitude feature ain't too shabby either.

Now that the old bugaboo memory feature is FIXED & FABULOUS - 
and we're finally settled in our new homestead - 
I'm redoubling my efforts at getting the word out.
After all, this God-sized dream was planted in my heart for a reason.
And it ain't just to sit at the store idle and not touching people lives, ya know?!?
(Click here if you're new to God's Daily Message for the Dense and have no idea what I'm talking about!  I'll catch you up.)

So here's the first story to share.
And I tell ya' what...
Like then share the YouTube link on Facebook, Pinterest or Google Plus, and I'll enter your name into a drawing for your choice of:

A free download of the app 
(for yourself or to gift a friend) 
or a beautiful gratitude journal!

Either way, you can make a daily record of all that you have to be grateful for - 
whether with a pen or on your smartphone.
How awesome is that?

Now enjoy Bella's story...
And stay tuned for the winner!

{Thanks so much for reading...
And for sharing!}

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