Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm Up!!

I found this wall decor the other day while perusing Wayfair for some cheap artwork.
Boy, there are lots more rooms in this house than there were in my last!
I remembered reading it somewhere in the past, and as before, it really cracked me up.
After I laughed, my next thought was a sincere one, "I endeavor to be this woman."
Every. Day.

Artistic Reflections 'Be The Kind Of Woman' Framed Textual Art

The fact of the matter is - and the reason I'm sharing this thought with you - 
is that the past few weeks I have been feeling more like this woman than I have in some time.
Yes, I've been a bit weary from the months of house improvements, packing, living in an extended stay (which smelled vaguely like beets and stinky feet) for too many days then unpacking.
But it's been these past few weeks that I've really begun to take up the baton again for Jesus.
Teaching from the very depth of my heart.
Writing again.
Bringing Branching Out in Faith back to the forefront.
And most importantly, relying on Him in the difficult transition of my boy being in a new place.

The problem?
I think the devil knew it too.

I think he saw me rising up again.
Ready to do battle.
Ready to share God's messages again.
And he hit me right where he knows I fall...
I got the flu.

Now, me getting the flu or even a small cold is a problem more so than it used to be for one simple reason.
I cannot take medication.
Not cold medicine.
Not antibiotics.
Pain reliever and nothing else.
Because it all makes me crazy.
(I really wish that were a colloquialism but it's not.  
I literally start hallucinating with any antihistamine or antibiotic now.  
It's quite a ride....
And I wish it were a fun one.)

So as soon as I feel something coming over me, I go to bed.

And try not to stress about it getting worse and lasting for months without treatment.

I was on a roll for weeks.
Yet with one little bug, I was in bed.
My writing suffered.
I missed my faculty meeting.
The celebration for my mother-in-law's birthday went on without me.
My husband took on everything in the house (thank you, honey) 
and I laid low.

The problem came when I finally felt well enough to start posting here again - yesterday.
I could have.
And I didn't.
Because I was scared.
I didn't want to risk my health.

"But which is worse," I thought to myself today.
"Living a life relatively healthy but not thriving?
Or risking staying a little sick and living up to His desires for you?"
I can't believe I let that dude keep me down another day in fear.
(Incidentally, when I decided to write this today, all of a sudden my computer keyboard stopped working.  Sheesh...the devil's really trying to keep me down over here.)

So this morning, (now afternoon since waiting for the keyboard to unfreeze)
I decided to throw caution to the wind and peck out this message.
Because I want the devil saying, "Oh, crap...She's up!"
Because I want him to know me as the threat that I can be.

- New Beginnings -  
Day #9 tell me that the devil may knock me down for a bit.
But my Father always brushes me off and tells me to carry on.
So I'm up!
And I'm carrying on!

{I humbly ask that you keep  me in your prayers 
as I continue to heal.
...and thanks for reading.}

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