Saturday, October 3, 2015

Branching Out...Together

There's a darling song from the musical, Oklahoma, that I sing to myself occasionally...
Those times when I need to gently chide myself for dropping the ball on a task.
It kind of perfectly sums up the way I approach life.
For better or worse.

"All 'Er Nuthin"!

"With me it's all 'er nuthin.'  
Is it all 'er nuthin' fer you? 
 There ain't no in between...there ain't no now and then.  
No half and half romance will do."
(Just replace "romance" with "project" and you've nailed it!)

Sometimes, when I'm laser focused and on a roll, I love this quality and am so grateful for the way my Father created me.
But when I'm overwhelmed and there are a million things which need tending, my inclination is to just STOP.  
Deer in the headlights.  
Frozen in time.
And do absolutely nuthin'...
...well, other than watch the eczema creep onto my face...sigh.

All 'er nuthin'....yep, a blessing and a curse.

For the past year, since publishing Branching Out in Faith in the iTunes store, an incredible blessing and answered prayer for sure, there has been lots to do.
I was "all in" at first.
I stayed on top of fixes and updates.
I managed my Branching Out Facebook page.
I even reworked my business website "Cynthia Writes" to include my writing, directing and vocal coaching, lifestyle work and tech endeavors.
Cynthia Branches Out was born.
More reworks, more updates, more links and research and articles and design.
All good...I can't stress that enough...but too much for this one woman to manage.

Come spring 2015 with an ensuing house sale and move (oh, the work we did on that house readying it for market...a full-time job and don't let anyone tell you differently!), my attentions began to fracture until I was doing nuthin' at all.
'Cause there ain't no in between in my world, ya know?

So while prayerfully considering whether or not to continue with this blog, a simple answer was provided for me.  
Wish I could take the credit.  
Once again, there is no prayer left unanswered when you doggedly repeat yourself.  
Sometimes I think God just flings me one to shut me up.

"Change the name of the blog.
Consolidate FB pages.
Plant more seeds but in ways that will allow you to tend them more lovingly and fruitfully.
And grow the Branching Out brand in doing so.
I have a work yet to do with that one."

Who'd a thunk God was so tech savvy?!?

So following my dear Father's wise words and directives, four beautiful years later, I'm changing the name of my blog and enhancing it's mission to include personal writing projects, musical experiences and lifestyle, design solutions that my friends and family so lovingly encourage in my work.
Still with a faith-filled focus.
And all while still considering myself to be terminally dense.
That image will never die.

Day #3 of 
- New Beginnings - 
introduces you to 

Branching Out...Sowing Seeds of Grace

With the first offering being a month of those precious new beginnings.

Thank you for journeying along with  me.
It's gonna be great.

{FYI to all of you subscribers:
I am leaving the Gods Daily Message web address
for a week as we navigate this transition.
Sometime next week, you'll begin to see 
"Branching Out...sowing seeds of grace" 
in your inbox.  
Just a heads up that it will be changing soon.}


  1. Awesome story about God making the way for you to get back to the calling he's given you in this time! Praise God. If the Lord establishes it let no man (or woman) tear it asunder. God bless you in this journey!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Janette! Happy to connect with you and so many other writers in this 31 day challenge. And thanks for the dear comment...He is doing a work and I am soooo grateful. Hope to talk again!