Friday, February 27, 2015

The First Temptation of Cynthia

Just picture the character in the clock with wild, curly black hair and a skirt.

That 6:10AM alarm came early last Friday.
So early.
One snooze to push, one boy to wake.
One tired Mama to get ready to attend her first Lenten promised daily Mass.
"Is there a loophole?" I wondered.
A "well, this is technically not the 1st week of Lent since it's not a full week, and you haven't slept in days...weeks really, because of your cough...and it's your Lenten promise to do with what you will (translate: change when inconvenient)  and getting up bright and early on Monday always seems like the best time to start something new" kind of loophole?

Oh, how tempted I was.

But a whisper stopped me.
You know that whisper?
The one that comes from deep within.
The one that navigates you away from darkness into light.
Yep, that's the one.

It stopped me.
Stopped me from lying.
Stopped me from negotiating.
Stopped me from coming from a place of selfishness rather than a place of selflessness.
It whispered, "Back to bed?  Really?  You can't make this one small sacrifice when the one He made for you was so indescribably huge?"

Sometimes I hate that voice.
But in the final analysis, I know I always owe my life to it.

So up I bounded and got us all ready to go.  
(Well, maybe "bounded" is a strong word.  
Sprang? Meandered?  Shuffled?  Okay, okay...dragged.) 
Donned jeans and a high-lo sweater in place of my sweatpants and T-shirt.  
And after dropping that one boy at school, I drove straight to the church, arriving 15 minutes early.
I prayed.
Then joyfully continued my day, ever focused on Him rather than myself.

It turns out that it's alot harder to look inward all day when you've started the day in sacrifice. 
What a win-win!

{What's been your first Lenten temptation?
Cup of coffee? Piece of candy?  Complaining?
How'd you handle it?
Would love to know in the comments below...
and promise to pray for your continued commitment 
to focusing on His sacrifice this season.
Thanks for reading!}

Photo credit:  MattysFlicks on Flickr

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