Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On Resolutions, Goals, and One Word

Happy New Year!!

I wish I could say that my house is cleaned of Christmas, and I am well on my way to tackling my 2015 clutter clearing and general life organization.  (Would love to say it but I can't.)
My Santa collection still populates the shelves of the den.  I just can't bear to say goodbye yet.
My mantle continues to proclaim "Joy" amid the feather garland.
There are boxes and crates and miscellaneous wrapped (and not yet wrapped) Christmas presents strewn about the house.
Wow, I can't recall, in recent memory, ever being this far behind experiencing and distributing Christmas.
Still I'm okay with all of it because I didn't really get into the spirit of the season until the 19th.
So I feel a bit entitled to fully embrace a little longer that beauty and peace others enjoyed for a full month...His grace has finally penetrated my formerly Scrooged and sickly interior.

What I did reflect on in the early days of December, however, while blowing my nose and hacking up a lung, were my thoughts and objectives for the new year.
I prayed over my "one word."  (More on this phenomenon in posts to come.)
I reflected on what I would like to see more of or experience in 2015.
Then I came up with a resolution and a goal for the year in spite of the fact that I've never mastered the act of the follow through.

My resolution?  To be a better wife.  In every word.  Every deed.  Every encounter.  (Say a prayer for me please!)
My goal?  To read a book a week for the full year.  (I'm on page 320 of 368 in my first selection...and it's only Wednesday!)
My "one word" you ask?  Obedience.
(Heavy exhale.)

I wanted to share all of these with you as I will be writing about them on and off throughout the year, I imagine.  
And whether you have a goal or a resolution...
a word or a dream...
or whether you are simply hanging on by a thread in the hopes that you can sanely navigate 2015's choppy waters...
I wanted you to know that my prayers are with you.
For great peace and joy.
For tremendous success and the realization of God-sized dreams.
For love in your families and homes.
For His guiding hand beside you, every step of your new year journey.

So here's to new beginnings.
Here's to grace in the good things.
Here's to a beautiful 2015!

Have a great Wednesday...

{Do you have a goal or resolution?
Have you chosen "one word?"
I'd love it if you'd share them in the comments below 
or here on my FB page.
Thanks for reading.} 

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