Thursday, January 8, 2015

Obedience Redirected

My plan was to write about my "one word" today.  But after waking up to a picture posted on my Facebook page this morning, I decided against it.  (Which is really ironic since my "one word" is obedience.  Ha!)
But that's the beauty of a blog about God's messages.
They aren't always in line with what I have planned.
In fact, they often aren't.
It's a lesson I continue to learn and relearn over and over as the years progress.

Will you share in what I awoke to?

I emerged from  my bedroom with my phone in hand and image zoomed, tears streaming and snot flowing and breath ragged.  As my husband hugged me, rubbing my back and saying, "Oh, I love this picture," I could barely get it together enough to respond between sobs, "My hair looked really good that day."
Daddy would have laughed at that.
He loved a good tension breaker.

This photo is of me and my inspiration, my conscience, my hero.
Daddy who is gone three Christmases now.  
The picture's one from a photo shoot taken long ago...can't remember the year.  
I've only seen one other image from that winter day and it's breathtaking...
Mama and Daddy and their five girls, all arms linking and hands grasping and smiles and beauty and family.
But I've never had the chance to see the single images of me and my Daddy.
So to awake to this...oh, this...was a gift I can never quantify.

My sister is a brilliant photographer.  She has managed to capture perfectly our relationship here .  Read into it what you will.  I know our story.  After all, that's the beauty of art, isn't it?  For each individual to see what they see.

For myself, I see how alike we are.
The nose.
The forehead.
The freckles.
The understanding.
The joy.

I love our hands in one another's.
Loose but connected.
As if to say, "You are my strength but, don't worry, I can stand on my own."
I wish my hand weren't covering his.
I would give most anything to see those hands again.
I've written about in them in great length, in a book no one has ever read.
They were many times my inspiration, strong but gentle.
Just like him.

I have no other reason to share this with you this morning than for you to know my heart a bit better. 
The very deepest, most intimate parts of my heart.  
The parts that learned from the best.  
The parts that listened to guidance from a blessing sent to me from God in Heaven.  
The part that sometimes sadly continues to beat without him here, desperate for the day when I will see him again.  
The part that writes and creates and speaks in a manner oh, so very much like him.
I share it with you to reveal perhaps, other than our Heavenly Father, the greatest source of my inner light.

And I share it in the hopes that the images you capture daily, the ones which surround you, are the pictures that move you most greatly.  
The ones that mean the most. 
The ones that are a reminder of all you are blessed with...all you have been given.
I share it in the hopes that you, like me, have had a chance to taste and experience a little bit of Heaven on earth.

{Remembering and saying prayers of great thanks today.
I hope you are surrounded by beauty such as this.
Thanks for reading.}

Photo credit:  Elizabeth McGonagle, Lasting Memories Photography


  1. Your hair did look nice that day. But that is not normally what I first see when I see you. It is much more often your smile and smiling eyes. Through them you bring God's joy to the people you meet, like your father. His smile and laugh and sparkling eyes would let you know he was full of God's love and would be happy to share that joy with you.

    1. Thank you so much Curt. Not sure I needed yet ANOTHER cry today, but I appreciate your kindness so much. Love you!