Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Daily Mundane #31 - It's All Good

Ah, yes, my 31st October post written and recorded five days late.
As they say, though, "It's all good!"
I needed to finish the 31 Day Challenge for me even if it was a November 4th publication.
Just to say that I could.
Or did.
Or that it mattered.

Beyond that, I hope something of what was written in the "Daily Mundane" series mattered to you.  
Because, truly, you're the reason I write.
You with the busy schedule and crying children.
You with the insane workload and the hopes for marriage.
You with the God-sized dreams that seem impossible.
You with the empty nest and the illness and questions about "What has this all been for?"
It's for you...
And me...
And everyone who feels frustrated and slightly confused and doubts sometimes that their lives matter.

So, just to get it on the record....

You matter to me.

Thank you for visiting me in this sacred space.
Thank you for the times you comment on my words and thoughts, the crazy conclusions I sometimes draw but always depend upon.
Thank you for spreading the word and the Word.

If there's one thing I've learned over this past 31 days, it's that nothing in my life...
Or about my life...
Or caused by my life...
Is mundane.
There is no load of laundry or consoled teen or class taught or husband on the run or  meal prepared that doesn't happen for a reason.
His reason.
Your reason.
My reason.

It all happens for His grace.
By His grace.
With His grace.
And His grace is never ordinary.

{Thanks for sticking with me during this special time.
Thanks for reading the words and looking at the images.
Thanks for being true.
Here's to a great and grateful November.}

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