Sunday, October 5, 2014

Daily Mundane #5 - Motherhood

"I'm the blessed one..."

Just a moment of beauty from my daily world of mama-hood.

After a little encouraging text from me to my girlie today, I got a reply of thanks saying 
"this made my day."  Then she proceeded to tell me about her day at rehearsal; that she had the privilege of learning from some of our dearest friends; that it was an incredible morning.
She finished it with...

"I'm so blessed."

This statement stopped me in my tracks and made my heart soar.
That this young woman is looking at her life through the eyes of the grateful is almost more than I can bear, I am so proud of her.
Though motherhood has never been mundane (fa-a-a-a-arrrrr from it!!!), amidst the joyful days there have definitely been times of trial, insecurity and doubt.
Knowing that, in this moment of her journey, my daughter has the grace to consider her life a blessing from Him who loves her, makes every day up until now worth it.

She is the blessed.
She is the blessing.
And I am so grateful God gave her to me.

{Loving the daily life of a mama today.
So grateful for grace.
Thanks for reading.}


  1. What a beautiful thing! And your daughter is absolutely beautiful too! :) May she always have a grateful heart.

    1. Thank you so much! I think she's beautiful too (but I know I'm biased :). Daily gratitude is such a discipline and I'm so glad it's something we were intentional about fostering before she went away to college. Grateful EVERY DAY for His grace.