Saturday, October 4, 2014

Daily Mundane #4 - This Stinks!

I woke up this morning and immediately thought, "six loads of laundry"
Now before I go further, I'm going to take moment and ask you to 
repeat this phrase in your head.
Next repeat it aloud.
Really, before you read any further, say "six loads of laundry" aloud.


Are you busted? 
Was there tone assigned?
Was there a tad bit of frustration in the words?  
A heavy sigh? 
Perhaps a tear (or quiet sob)?!?

Hey, if you are hanging your head in shame, don't!  
I would generally be joining you in a bit of eye-rolling or a heavy, martyred heart.  
Laundry is NOT my fave.
And I purposely didn't punctuate the quote as I didn't want to provide bias.
The last few days, however, provided an unexpected counterpoint to my usual perspective about this often tedious job - 
So much so that this morning...well, this morning, I opened my eyes and reflected, with more than a modicum of excitement (yes, I said excitement),
"Six loads of laundry!!  Yay!!!"

(No, I have not finally lost it.)
I was excited because today I get to stay home.
Let me repeat that.
I get to stay home.
All by myself (until 12:30PM when I get to pick up my son from school - and yes, I said "get" to pick him up).
Doing chores.
Getting organized.
Feeling grateful.

I've had a beautiful few days of (lots & lots) of work.
They were 12-13 hour days.
What with getting up at 6:15...
Helping get the little man out of the house before hopping into a quick shower and hurrying (into traffic) to my first meeting or class...
Working lunch breaks....
Learning a whole semester of new information in 3 days time...
Without a breather - really - until I returned home after 6:30...7:00...7:30.
(God bless my husband - truly - for keeping things running and getting my son to and from everywhere he needed to be!) 
I just couldn't believe my good fortune that today was slower.

Some of you may have days like this every day.  
This was how my life was scheduled for years.  
But the past three years I have majorly scaled back, first because I wasn't able to work and then because I chose to not go back at it full-time.
I don't miss it.
At all.

So this morning, when I greeted the laundry...
the dishes...
the cleaning & organizing...
the "interruption" in my day of picking my son up from school...
with expectation rather than reservation,
I thought to myself, "Wow, were I to feel this way every. day. of. my. life."

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not completely deluded.
I realize that happiness over a bunch of dirty, stinky, soiled clothes is probably not sustainable in the long run.
But, boy oh boy, did it cause me to sit up and take notice - if only for today - of all of the ways I am blessed...beyond this ordinary, messy, beautiful daily mundane.

And the bonus?  
Due to some clever strategizing, I ended up with five loads of laundry instead of six.
Could this day possibly get any better?!?

{Praying you're able to see the light at the end 
of your "humdrum" tunnel today.  
Thanks so much for reading.}

Photo credit:  Lennart Tange on flickr


  1. I wish I could feel like this about laundry! I've tried the whole idea of "work is a form of prayer" approach with doing laundry before but it's never quite taken. I think the reason I have a hard time with it is that I'm a stay at home mom so the laundry is *always* in my sights, you know? It's hard sometimes to be grateful for those things -- be they laundry or otherwise -- that are always in our sights. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, you know? I'm glad you were able to have such a wonderful moment of gratitude. Perhaps one day I'll get there!

    1. Believe me when I tell you this was an exceptional day for gratitude. Not the norm - though I will say that I hope this experience will better inform later days of laundry frustration! Good luck!