Friday, October 3, 2014

Daily Mundane #3 - Workin' It

My daily mundane has been anything but...well...mundane the past few days.
I was so fortunate to be part of a three day training session with the 
New York division of Disney Theatrical management and teaching artist team.
It was held at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Orange County who is partnering with 
The Disney Company for this auspicious program.

Eight of us incredibly fortunate teaching artists are rolling out the 
first ever Disney Musicals in Schools 
held in California starting in a week. 
(It debuted in NYC a few years ago and is currently in only three other cities in the country.)
It was an inspiring, creative few days.
Overwhelming & exhausting.
But so enriching.
Worth every moment!

As the training commenced and continued, I was constantly reminded of the lessons I find and have found in work situations, no matter how not ordinary they happen to be.
I thought before I button up this three day event and turn the light out on my fatigue, I would share the top three lessons that hit me.  I considered expanding upon them relative to this particular work event, but upon further examination, I concluded that I should just 
let the lessons be the lessons.  That way, you can read them - then breathe them - into your own life and experiences.  I think, perhaps, they'll be of more help to each reader that way.

So without further ado...

#1:  Say yes even when (and maybe especially when) you're scared.

#2:  Listen more than you speak (I'm sure you can discern that THIS is the lesson I am still trying, all these many years later, to learn.  Argh.)

#3:  Appreciate the value and knowledge every other person has to bring to work - even if you could go into it possibly feelin' like, "yeah, I'm good...I know that" or "Lordy be, am I the oldest person in the room?!?!" or "ummmmm, I've been doing this for 25 years."  (I learned SOOOOOO much these past few days.  Terribly, intensely grateful for that.)

It was a beauty and a privilege.  
Thank you, Jesus, for new experiences, new friends and colleagues, new work.  
And thank You, Lord, for pushin' me to work it

Photo credit:  Sean MacEntee on flickr


  1. #1 is why I'm writing about what I'm writing about for my 31 Days project. I was super scared to start doing this, but with a whole lot of encouragement from Gray and others, I said yes. To be honest, I'm still scared and tempted to say no to finishing this month out, you know? I'm glad you said yes to this project and I'm really enjoying your posts so far! By the way, what kind of artistry do you do? I studied voice and theatre in college and am a classically trained singer.

    1. Yes, #1 is still my #1 struggle! (Which is why I listed it at #1!) The 31 day challenge is just that...challenging. I am trying to put less pressure on myself and really just attempting to listen and watch for those things around me that inspire me. There have been a few days that I was "going through the motions" but I'd really like to finish it with something published each day. Hemingway it will not be. But complete, with the grace of God, it will be! I'm a singer/vocal coach for 25 years. It's just the biggest blessing in my life. Would love to hear more about your theater experiences!