Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Daily Mundane #27 - Shaking Things Up

I shouldn't have to say much on this post...the page should speak for itself.
If you are reading it from my blogger site, you will see how I'm shaking up my mundane.
If you are reading it from your email inbox, you have no idea what I'm talking about.
(Click here to get up to speed.)

So much has happened since this blog's inception three years ago.
First I planted myself here.
Then I created a new website for my writing. (closing soon...)
When the miracle of regaining my voice was rained upon me, I had to rethink the "Cynthia Writes" website and title since I was starting to work again in theater.
And don't forget about my gorgeous project, "Branching Out in Faith" - the iOS app.
So many things were happening.
I needed a concise space in which to display them.

So my sister, Theresa, in her infinite talent and ingenuity, created such a space for me.
(Hire her...she's brilliant!)
"Cynthia Branches Out" went live in July....
All of my special projects housed under one gorgeously designed roof.
Still, I wanted this space to continue to speak for itself.
To speak to all of you good people who stop in daily or occasionally to read these humble words and, hopefully, allow them to affect your day.

These last four months, however, when I've clicked over to this blog from my website, I've felt a bit jarred.
The look and feel of them are so different.
Thus in the last few moments of this 31 Day challenge, I wanted to take the opportunity to streamline the two looks a bit more...
To better reflect my desire for peace in all things.

The color and random graphics of my previous blog design served me well for three years.
And one day, I'm sure you'll find everything I do under one site.
But until then, I hope you enjoy the new look of this space as much as I enjoyed creating it.

{Thanks for reading.}

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