Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Mundane #25 - A Much-Deserved Celebration

So, here's the reason I chose to take a three day sabbatical from my challenge.
I was busy celebrating the life of my nearest and dearest friend in the world.
My Lisa.

Lisa and I met in 1986 where she promptly laughed her way into my heart.
We became roommates and lived together in 5 different locations with approximately 150 other roommates moving in and out (okay, okay, maybe 11) for the next 10 years.
Until the day in June of 1996 that I became a wife.
She was the maid of honor at my wedding...
Is "Aunt Lisa" to my children...
And, as she says, is my partner in crime.

She drove me everywhere for three years until I got a car...
(How did I not have a car in Southern California for three years?!? Yikes...)
Has worked beside me...
Danced beside me, both onstage and the Baxter's dance floor...
Sung beside me both onstage, in karaoke and in church.

She has lent me her ear and shoulder in the rough...
Her easy smile and warmth when I wanted to laugh...
Best of all, she walked beside me in everything, most importantly on our roads to finding faith and peace in Him. 

So, in honor of almost 30 years of friendship, I say "thank you" to my best friend.
I say, "I''m praying every great and beautiful blessing over your life."
I say, "What would I ever have done without you on this long, wending road of life?  This road that has led us to His grace and love?"
You are simply the very best.

Happy 50th birthday, dearest Lisa!!
The first picture we ever took together!  How do you like that 1980's hair?!?

My 21st birthday party that, of course, Lisa planned for me.
Now we've celebrated her 50th!

My hair short here...and hers, red!  Enduring friendships even when hairstyles aren't.

So grateful Lisa loves my husband and he loves her!
He chose her as his sponsor when he converted to Catholicism.
No longer sleeping in on Saturday mornings after a  long Friday night of dancing.
Now we 
do things like get up early and feed the hungry at the Los Angeles Food Bank.  
Much, much more rewarding!  Who'd-a thunk it?

And, as always, we celebrate with one another!
A bunch of girlfriends at my Colleen's graduation party in June of this year.

Lisa was the first one there!

{So grateful for this friendship. 
As always, God knew what I needed when I had no idea.
Now go out and hug your friends.
Thanks for reading!}

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