Monday, October 20, 2014

Daily Mundane #19 - Be Still & Know, Part II

[You may wanna catch up on Part I of this post before moving on...]

I'm a tactile kind of gal...
Also an auditory one...
Okay, visual too.
In other words, I'm most in tune - and have quietness of heart - when I'm guided by my senses.

For me, being still may mean lots of different things.
It may mean walking briskly by the bay, sun shining warmly on my back.
Here, the visual of the water calms my runaway brain.

It may mean listening to music; music that evokes melancholy or profound joy; 
is haunting or lilting in tone.
Here, the sound of the piano, violin, or mournful sax can quiet my anxiety.

It may mean burrowing down in the folds of my favorite blanket, curled into "my" spot...
my new chair by the window...
or on the chaise lounge in the dim of the family room.
The softness and warmth of the coverlet literally eases away my worry.
(I kinda feel like a dog with one of those Thundershirt anxiety sweaters on with this one!)

I need one or more of these elements to find quiet.
Find peace.
Find Him.

For the past few days, the song "Give Me Jesus" has been echoing in my head, 
this auditory prompt causing me to quiet and discern the message.
I realized this morning that it was all right there, His directive for me.
I spend SO. MUCH. TIME. trying to figure out my schedule...
My priorities...
My potential...
That I ignore this simple fact....
I am not my world.
He is my world...He is the entire world.  

"In the morning when I rise; in the morning when I rise; in the morning when I rise,
Give me Jesus.
Give me Jesus...give me Jesus...
You can have all this world.
Give me Jesus."

I sang this song multiple times while holding Daddy's hand in hospice two years ago; blessing his earthly vessel, all while trying to let him go from this world into the next.  
The song was for him.
But it was really for me.
It eased my ache, that melody.
It quieted my heart.
It does the same today.

The message?  
With Jesus, anything is bearable.
Any death...of a loved one or a dream.
Any challenge...both today and tomorrow.
Any frenzied schedule...both self-made or circumstantial.  
(And let's face it, most of them are self-made.)
Jesus is the balm that soothes the soul.

So for now, at 10:14AM on October 20th, rather than frantically going through my calendar, worrying over where I'm going to fit this or that into my schedule...
How I'm ever going to achieve "X"...
How I'm going to survive the upcoming crazy months...
I will know that NONE OF IT matters without His grace.
So I will sit for a few minutes, being still...
Breathing deep...
Feeling Him.
And knowing that all is well..all is the quiet of Him.

{Thanks for sticking around for Part II.
Oh, that every answer should be this comforting.
Have a blessed, quiet day.}


  1. Got a bit rocked earlier this morning and had to quiet myself before Him. Especially since I had to write a lecture for Bible study on Wednesday… needed more of Him and less of my own "doing." Thanks for some beautiful visuals in this.

    1. Thanks for reaching out Kirsten. After my "moment of silence" I had to hit the ground running and am only now back at my desk. Thank you for your kind words. From reading several of your blog posts, and beginning to know and understand the down-to-earth perspective you bring to things (with a touch of favorite!), I'm sure your Bible study lecture will be perfectly we should all be. Look forward to connecting more in our virtual worlds. Praying for a GREAT study tomorrow night!

  2. This was just lovely...thanks for sharing

  3. I absolutely love that song--it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it because the words are so profound and describe my faith walk. Thank you for sharing :).