Sunday, October 19, 2014

Daily Mundane #18 - Be Still & Know, Part I

There ain't no bein' still and knowin' over here lately.
You kinda gotta actually be still before you can know, you know?
And the way things have been raining down upon us as a family and on me personally with all of my projects, there hasn't been a big opportunity to "be still" in any capacity.

It's all good though.
Uh, not in a 2001 type of "it's all good, homey" kind of way.
It. really. is. good.


It's all good.
It's just incredibly overwhelming...
Difficult to navigate...
And definitely close to impossible to keep organized all on my own.

Do you ever feel as though God has infinitely more faith in you than you have in you?

Three years ago, I made it a kind of mission to begin saying "no" to things.
(Well, not so  much of a mission as having to say "no" because I couldn't even get out of bed due to being in the pit, but...
Let's face it, the other sounds so much more civilized.)
And when I think back to that time and my extreme limitations, I can honestly reflect on today, with it's countless commitments and tasks, and know that I'm going to be okay...
As long as I let Him lead the way.

Even still, with God at the helm, what's a girl to do when there's simply too much for one person to handle on her own?!?

{Stay tuned tomorrow for the answer.  
Hope I have it by then!
Thanks for reading!}

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