Friday, October 17, 2014

Daily Mundane #17 - Low Stress Mornings

I seriously could not be getting ANY MORE MUNDANE right now.
Nor is this a God-lesson per se.
But I have learned a regular lesson this week.
Or at least one that He wants to me absorb, not just in my own life, but across the board in every area of my journey with Him.
Allow to me to lay the foundation...

My son is just the greatest kid.
I really mean that from the very bottom of my heart.
He's kind and caring...empathetic and loving.
It's only...well, he is a GIANT procrastinator!
(What is it that they say about our faults being the ones we most despise in our children?  Oy...)

Anyway, after a rocky start to the beginning of high school...
One with showers that lasted waaaayyyyyy too long...
Beyond the timer we set...
Beyond the pounding on doors and screaming for him to get out...
(Wouldn't you want to wake up like this each morning?!?  Good times...)
Beyond the thinly veiled threats and possible need for blood pressure medication...
I decided I was done.

So I changed my approach.

I wish I could say that the change came in the form of a burning bush or a parting of our nearby Los Alamitos Bay.
But really, it came from the deepest part of me that simply hated the way I was starting each day.
With stress instead of peace.
Yelling intimidation instead of softly speaking live-giving words.
Heart palpitations versus a resting heart rate.
And I didn't even plan the change.
It just so happened that I had finished - in record time, I might add - everything I usually do to help prepare Brae for school.
So I sat down and started writing.

This 31 Day challenge has presented me with more benefits than I know I'm putting out!

The time kind of got away from me and I said to Braden, "We need to leave in 5!"
This time I sang it rather than screamed it...only because I was in a great mood from getting so much done by 7:20AM!
He was rushing around...shuffling those giant bare feet around the house...brushing his teeth while packing his main lunch course (a new do-it-yourself item I had assigned him only that morning...I'm easing him into more and more of his own prep as a final effort to self-care)...and there I sat, hammering away at the keyboard.

We left almost 10 minutes late.
He was kind of a wreck as he said, "Mom, I'm so sorry we're late."
I simply replied, "Thanks but I'm okay.  I'm not the one who will have to go get a late slip."
He just looked at me as he dashed toward his entry gate.
(Important note: He never dashes.)
I waved a cheerful goodbye, stuck in terrible "late family" traffic, but not minding a whit because my mood was still intact as I got lost in my mental creative list for the day.

It wasn't until I arrived at home that I took note of what had happened.
I've managed the last three out of five days the very same way and my mornings are so much more peaceful and productive.
I think he's finally cluing in to the fact that I'm not going to pick up his slack, yet neither am I going to guilt him into rushing.
I think I've finally realized things will not change as long as I am not leaving the responsibility for his life in his long as I continue to try and control everything around me.

You may be reading this today and not be able to relate in the way of morning child stresses.
Maybe you don't have kids - or may be the ones you've got are out of the nest.
Maybe you have a baby or a toddler and haven't experienced this situation yet.
Or maybe you have one, like my daughter, who was organized and compliant, for whom this was no issue.
But maybe you have something that gets your blood boiling in the morning (or the evening!)...
Something that you get wrapped up in and can't let go of....
Something that keeps you awake at night and that keeps you popping the Levatol.
If you do, may I encourage you today?

Change directions on it.
Change your focus to peace instead of stress.
Change your focus to life instead of heartbreak.
Change your focus from your feelings to His beckoning.
It may just seep in when you least expect it.

{Two blog pasts this morning, 
starting one before I took the boy to school 
& finishing by 10:45AM...
along with doing dishes, 
preparing for a meeting 
and doing four loads of laundry.  
Yeah, I'm kinda liking this new practice!
Thanks for reading.}

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