Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Daily Mundane #14 - Great Love

Just a brief post today with one of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa.
Thank You, Jesus, for helping me remember that every single thing I do...
Whether big or small...
Is only ever great if You are in it.
Leading it.
Inspiring it.
Blessing it.

Thank you for always leading me to do small things with great love.
The love of You.

Photo credit:  Mary Leist 
(Thanks, Mary, for snapping this natural beauty 
& sending it to me way back when.  Still my screensaver!)


  1. This is a fantastic quote and one of my favourites by Bl. Mother Theresa! :) She was one of the first saints that I fell in love with when I was in my discernment process before I decided to convert to Catholicism. I love having the saints as friends!

  2. I. Love. Mother. Teresa. What an inspired life. I've read in recent years about her many times of doubt...doubting her faith and why life is as it is. This has only served to make me love her more. She is a true example of having a heart of service!