Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Daily Mundane #13 - Anything But Mundane

Sometimes our daily mundane is anything but.
We all have moments in time that are singular...
Moments that will forever burn in our hearts as a time when we felt precious.
I had one such moment last night.
The most amazing sister friends in Christ that a woman could ever have...

Some of my dearest sister friends surprised me with a get together to celebrate my first moment as a published author.  "A Breakfast Blessed" was published in the latest anthology of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  The edition is entitled "Angels in Our Midst."  Yet, even though my story was written about a woman I encountered years ago when my son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, this Sunday celebration truly brought to life the fact that I am surrounded 
every. single. day. 
by my own earthly angels.

These women speak life.
They speak hope.
They speak truth and healing.
They speak gratitude.
They speak powerful, big, bold prayers.
They are such a huge part of the reason that, not only am I still standing, I am blessed beyond measure.

A dream come true for this accidental writer...

These sisters in Christ fed me, toasted me and blessed me.
(With more than one gluten free dish, I might add.)
They asked me to read my story aloud to them. 
(Happy to say I got through it with only a modicum of tears.)
They lifted me to an overwhelming level by asking me to sign each of their books for them.
(Mortifying and gratifying all in one breath.)
They laughed with me and cried with me.
It was an evening that couldn't have been further from mundane.

It was joy.
It was faith.
It was His love alive in our world.
Thank You, Jesus, for these deep bonds forged by life...deep, deep living.
Thank You for blessing me with earthly angels.

{Praying each of you has friends such as these;
those who lift you every day.
Am praying words of life over 
each of you dear readers.
Thanks for reading.} 


  1. Sisters in Christ are the best! Congratulations on your published work. God bless you as you continue to walk in His gifts!

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful blessing!! I don't have a whole big group of sisters in Christ, but I do have a few scattered here and there. Most of my dearest sisters in Christ are a group of lovely ladies who I met almost 9 years ago through an online NFP forum started by a group of Catholic women to talk about NFP. That group has morphed into talking less about NFP (although we still discuss it as necessary) and more about sharing about our families, our struggles, our homes (and tons of recipes), and our faith. It's also a place where we ask for prayer and we pray for each other. Several of these sisters have been praying for me through all of my struggles in the past couple of years. I am SO glad you have such a wonderful group of sister friends!!!