Saturday, October 11, 2014

Daily Mundane #11 - Step by Step

Still lookin' good even after a 30 minutes!
My sweet, adorable mother-in-law is staying with us for a few days.
She wanted to practice on our treadmill for her stress test next Tuesday.
How much do I love that she wants to practice for a stress test?!?
She's just so darned cute.

This morning I went out with her to get her started. She is a bit unsure in her walking sometimes, and I think was a little worried she might fly off the back.  After about 7 minutes, she was walking almost entirely bent over at the waist.

Luckily, she is so open that I could say, "Do you mind if I make a suggestion?"  She responded, "Of course not."
I suggested that she take longer strides to feel like she is walking instead of marching.
She straightened up and lengthened her stride.
She said, "This is so much easier!"

We worked for 30 minutes.
The previous day on the treadmill, she held steady at about 1.7 miles an hour.
During our half hour, I adjusted the mileage every four minutes to a quicker speed that she had to navigate for 60 seconds.  "You're almost there...that's it, keep picking your feet up.  
5-4-3-2-you're there."  
I stayed by her side and kept encouraging her...
talking to her...
distracting her.  
At her fastest, she was walking 3.5 miles an hour!  What a trooper!

She was very happy when finished, exclaiming, "I didn't think I could do it!"
What an achievement.

As I later thought about how tentative she was at first; then the courage she mustered when I cranked up the speed; it struck me that her attitude was one many of us adopt as we walk our individual journeys.
We hang on for dear life, often hunched at the waist, bending in submission to our circumstances...
When instead we could straighten our backs and walk in the knowledge that He is holding us by a treadmill tether, stopping the motion when we become unbalanced and unsure.
Further, when we listen to His quiet encouragement, 
His words of life and love, 
we feel shored up and able-bodied, quickening our pace on the path He has set for us.
How different our lives would be if we continuously walked in faith.
And how gratified we would be as we crossed the finish
spent but sure in the understanding that we gave it our all.

{A bit over 1/3 of the way
through my challenge. many 
lessons to watch for.
Thanks for reading.}

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  1. This is such a hard lesson for me. It's so easy when we are bowed down by life's difficulties, to lose sight of Him and His truths. I am still working on trying to stand up taller on my current treadmill. *sigh*

    Enjoy your visit with your sweet mom-in-law! I have a sweet mom-in-law too and I am SO grateful for her!