Wednesday, September 24, 2014

31 Days of ... ?

Okay, friends, I never ask you to post comments here...
But today I'll ask you to leave your comfort zone to reach out and contribute an opinion.
I promise, it may help you in the long run!

I am taking the "31 Day Writing Challenge" set forth by some of my favorite bloggers,
Emily Freeman at "Chatting at the Sky" top among them.
October 1st begins the challenge, and, now that I have my teaching schedule in hand, I am buckling down on my writing so I can continue to move and cogitate, observe and share, in this, my sacred space.
I miss it so much.

I thought, though, that it might be easier to take the challenge were I to have a loose theme in place.  So I have come up with some selections, and it is my hope that you will share your favorite...making the writing upcoming a bit more interactive and speaking to YOUR needs.
And if I deviate from the theme a little from time to time?
Well, we can just chalk it up to God knocking me on the head with something else.

But for now, without further ado, here they are:

  1. Autumn: A Season of Change
  2. The Daily Mundane (and lessons hiding there)
  3. Planting Seeds of...

Just three ideas...really simple to choose, I think.
Just go to the bottom of this post and hit "Post."
Or go to "Share Your Thoughts" box at right and enter "post."
Or, for those of you who are a little technically challenged but Facebook?
Go to the "GodsDailyMessageFTD" Facebook page here and enter a comment on the top post.
I promise I won't ask much participation in the future.
But for now, I would love to walk this journey together.

Thanks for reading - and participating!  Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. #2 !!
    I need to crawl out of my Daily Mundane rut

    1. As always, you are the ONE & ONLY!!! I'm secretly hoping this topic is the overwhelming favorite...thanks, Kate, for being so true.