Monday, August 11, 2014

God-sized Dreams Coming True

Love this bracelet by Lisa Leonard.
Own this bracelet by Lisa Leonard.
It's a wonderful reminder of that dream placed in my heart over two years ago.

I've worn it when I've needed a lift.
I've looked at it in my jewelry box on days that felt overwhelming.
I'm so grateful my kids gave it to me.

And today I celebrate here in my sacred space that my God-sized dream has come true!
(Look to your top right in my "News" column! Follow the link to the App Store & download it today!)

Branching Out in Faith, my iOS app, released last week at the App Store.  (I think I scared my son a little when I finally got word, I was screaming and laugh-crying so loud!)  
Since then, I have been seeing "shares" on Faceboook, Twitter and through email of daily gratitudes plus the prayer seeds folks are planting for one another.  It is so humbling to me...and hopefully uplifting to others.

I received a text about the app from a friend who was in a personal conundrum last week.  
She said "Branching Out in Faith is already helping make a powerful impact on my life." 
She had been debating how to address her problem, trying to quell the fear, when her phone buzzed with a prayer seed she had planted as soon as she downloaded the app.  
She forgot the reminder popped up at that exact time of day.  
A prayer for courage.  
She said she moved forward after that "with no fear in my heart because I knew God was answering my prayer.  He is giving me courage."

After I closed my dropped-open mouth, I thought about how this very situation was the type I hoped would be helped with Branching Out.
How it might change lives.
How it would help perspectives.
I know it has started changing mine.
I'm believing it can for the world.

THANK YOU as always for supporting me and each other in this space.
Your presence with me here is of such comfort and hope.

And THANK YOU, my dearest Father in Heaven, for making my God-sized dream a reality.

Bracelet cred:  Dayspring
Photo cred:  Christine Walding