Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alone With My Thoughts

{Hi.  Yes, I'm here.  Finally.
Enjoying a moment of self-imposed and extremely necessary sacred silence.
Thank you for sticking around in my absence.
Glad you're here with me.}

I was driving to Disney last week, attempting to ready myself to teach class,
instead my thoughts whirling and swirling, 
creating a mental version of the Tasmanian devil stirring up chaos and kicking up dirt all around me.

Taz the tasmanian devil wallpaper wallpaper 19

" media coming to town...clean house...paint porch...investor update...gray outfit...nothing fits..."
And on and on and on.
The radio was blaring The Fish, beautiful Christian music that, for once, was not acting as a salve on my heart.  That day, it was simply noise.
Anxious and overwhelmed, I thought, "I need a moment alone with my thoughts."

And then I realized how ridiculous it was that I ever thought I had been, would be or could be alone with them.
And why would I want to be?
More importantly, I reflected, when I feel alone with my thoughts, that's precisely when the pandemonium begins and I lose my touch on reality and true priorities.  
Alone, I am a mess.
Together with Him, I am saved.

Saved from myself and my worries.
Saved from the worst case scenario.
Saved from a serious case of "to-do's."

Alone with my thoughts, I am hungry.
I am thirsty.
I am sad, worried and afraid.

Together with Him, I am filled up, 
drinking from the stream of living waters, feeding on His word, His message.
Together with Him, I find peace.

No, I don't need ANY MORE MOMENTS alone with my thoughts.
I need Him -
in every sight, every sound, every plan, every thought, every moment.
Lord, let me never be alone - without You - again.

photo cred:  Cartoons HD wallpaper

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