Friday, May 2, 2014

Lessons from the Road

How in the world did it get to be May?!?  It has been an extremely busy spring for me and mine.  I was shocked to see that I haven't written since mid-March.  To catch you up on "the haps," here's a little timeline of my last few weeks:

  • March 24, packed up all afternoon at a production office in order to travel as script supervisor March 26-April 5 for a Honda Canada national meeting...
  • Had five days catching up and with the family until - 
  • April 11, when I moved into a hotel for another production event, staying until April 19
  • April 20, He was risen indeed as our family celebrated Easter Sunday
  • April 22, had a Disney workshop then started prepping to have...              drumroll please...
  • April 24th surgery!  (Don't worry, I'm fine.)
  • (Recover, recover, heal, recover until today) May 2 when I went back to Disney.
  • Aaaaaannnnnddddd, my daughter just informed me that the countdown to her high school graduation is 41 days!!!!
How has all of this happened?

The great news is that, despite the busy schedule - in fact, often because of it - there were life lessons popping up all along the way for me.  
Things I was proud to see and those I was ashamed to admit...
Observations of myself and others that were both refreshing and convicting...
Qualities I'd like to carry forward and those I'd love to leave far, far behind.


So here's a small preview of those lessons yet to come.
Lessons from the Road #1-6:
  1. Men and women are indeed - in oh, so many ways - different.
  2. There's an unspoken - okay, sometimes spoken - hierarchy in every event, every station, every business in life.  But it's only there because we make it so.
  3. The small acts we of grace we give unknowingly each day always affect someone.
  4. Personal growth and behavior is sometimes impeded by placing ourselves into old situations with old friends.
  5. Chocolate is an amazing marketing tool.
  6. Believing in healing wholly actually speeds healing wholly.
There were more lessons, of course, but these were some of my most profound.  
(Yes, I used chocolate and profound in the same framework.)  
Thanks for sticking with me in my interim posting.  
You are treasured here.  
And I am grateful.

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