Friday, March 14, 2014

A Father/Son Perspective on Lent

Lighter post today (to make up for that last loooong, heavy one!).
Ya gotta love a little short but sweet male perspective to make for a nice change on this blog of flowery language and verbose phrases.

It was Friday of the Lenten season, a day when our church fasts from eating meat.
The exceptions to this rule are for young people under the age of 18 and seniors over 65.
Then, each person, each family, discerns what's right for them.
For us, we have the added wrench thrown in of a 14 year old who has Type I Diabetes.  So the protein choices throughout the day, as you can imagine, are very important.  Still, if we can provide suitable substitutions, we like to adhere to the meat fast.

The father/son exchange went something like this:

Drew:  "Brae, it's the first Friday in Lent so we'd like to pack your lunch without meat if possible.  What do you think?  Cheese sandwich?  Peanut butter sandwich?  Peanut butter crackers?" 

Braden:  "No, I don't really like peanut butter anymore."

(Get ready for it...)
Drew:  "I bet Jesus didn't like dying on the cross either."


Few words.
Intense meaning.
Braden had peanut butter.

Thank you, God, for my husband.
And for little phrases with big impact, You ever at the center.

{Happy meatless Friday!
And thanks for reading.}

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