Sunday, March 2, 2014

1000 Gifts Sunday

I couldn't think of a better time than during this "7 posts, 7 days" challenge to FINALLY FINISH my 1000 Gifts Sundays started sooooo long ago.  I can't imagine why I stopped with only 5 gratitudes to go!  So, I'm delaying Part II from yesterday's post, "Deep in the Heart of Taxes," and neatly inserting some special moments of late, sharing my heart in this sacred space. Thanks, as always, to Ann Voskamp and her blog, A Holy Experience for the encouragement to write and share the things for which I am most thankful.  I finally made it, Ann!

Gratitudes #996-1012

#996  For much and varied work, feeling valued and valuable
#997  For an opportunity to associate direct the current Young American cast in their Broadway going home
#998  Having Colleen at rehearsal with me ("Wish I could go watch you teach again.  That really made my day."  Waaaahhhh! Thanks, sweet girl...)
#999  For new work opportunities for Colleen...nannying and getting experience doing production work.  Little Max saying, "Look,'s my Colleen."  So dear...
#1000!!!!!!!!  For my marriage and my husband...almost 18 years.
(Moment of incredible celebration at reaching 1000!!!   Wooooohooooo!!!!!!  Okay, back to it, Cynth...)

#1001  For a new show and new experiences for Braden...a radio murder!
#1002  For a good doctor appointment this week...looking ahead to better health.
#1003  For new writing opportunities
#1004  Looking forward to having a new website for all of my work...thanks to my talented sister, Theresa, for helping me!  (Date TBA...but coming soon!)
#1005  For our beautiful Lord carrying little Maggie through a ruptured appendix and surgery, helping her heal quickly
#1006  For Cookie, our beautiful senior doggie...for paw lifts and handshakes and love
#1007  For the completion of my app design and the hope of starting the programming very soon.
#1008  For eager minds and joyful sharing of talents in my Disney workshops
#1009  For the celebration of the birth of two beautiful women in my dear Robyn and my niece, Carolyne - same birthday!
#1010  For great movies and sharing as a family
#1011  For the weekend with my lovely sweet and so helpful
#1012  For love and laughter, grace and goodness...His love around me each and every day.

{Finally 1000!
Feel free to share what you 
are grateful for today
 in the comments below.
And thanks for reading.}

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