Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finding Warmth in Winter

Sometimes the sunshine just stops me in my tracks.

I'll be hurrying to my car to get to work or run errands.
Or I'll be rushing out back to switch over the laundry.
And it just grasps me, those rays striking at my very core, the warmth spreading to every part of my body.
It makes me stop.
Suddenly I must take a moment to lift my arms out to my sides and raise my face toward the light, a smile spreading slowly, the balminess a balm to my soul.
Anxiety melts.
Schedules pause.
The residual chill I feel from dipping nighttime temperatures in the still of my house subside, goosebumps standing on flesh, a road map of relief. 
I find myself recharged in these precious moments.

Mama said a few weeks ago, "Cynth, it's never been so cold here.  I know everyone in the country thinks we (Southerners) are ridiculous, but our houses just aren't built for this kind of weather.  I can't remember a time in my life when I had my heater turned up to the very highest setting, and still, even with that, covered head to foot in blankets...
I just can't get warm."

I thought of Mama's words today as we face a high of 81 this week in Southern California...
As I mourn the quick passing of winter here...
As I run from desk to studio, focusing on tasks, executing chores...
As I rush and multitask, schedule causing anxiety to pulsate.

When the sun stops me in my tracks yet again.

I think of the times I just couldn't find warmth in the perpetual winter of my heart.
When life seemed bitter and frigid.
When I chipped away at hope frozen in a solid block, no thaw in sight.
When I didn't yet understand how in the world I could manage to defrost my glacial heart.

I wish I had known then what I know now, even as I hurry to and fro, the urgency an electric current that requires severing.
I needed only stop in my tracks.
I needed only look up.
Up to the Son shining brightly down on me...
Up to the Heavens calling me to lift my arms out to my sides and raise my face toward the Light, a smile spreading slowly, His balminess a balm to my soul.
It's here I find pause.
It's here I am warmed.

Photo credit:  swanksalot on Flickr

{Encouraging you to warm yourself today ...
Whether by sunshine or fireside or fuzzy blanket...
Yet always by the Light of the Son and the hope of His Word.
I hope it stops you in your tracks!
Thanks so much for reading.}

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