Friday, January 31, 2014

False Evidence Appearing Real

My friend, Robyn, is so incredible.
She can embrace you, letting you cry on her shoulder, while simultaneously giving you a swift kick in the pants to help you get over your (sometimes self-inflicted) challenges.

The other day I was at her house and mentioned I was trying to tamp down the fear of the unknown that unfortunately accompanied some really great news I had received.
"FEAR?!?" (pronounced "FEE-AH" by my Aussie friend). "Fear is just false evidence appearing real."
"What?" I asked.
"That's what FEAR stands for," she said.  "Fear is simply 'false evidence appearing real.'  Anytime you feel fear, just say that out loud."
"Well, sure, I know it's the devil making me feel afraid," I told her, wanting to already seem enlightened.  To which she stamped her feet and drove her point home.
"It's not enough to just know where it's coming from," she insisted.  "You have to follow up the feeling with the words.  False evidence appearing real!"
"False..." I stammered.
"False evidence appearing real!" she crowed.
"False...evidence...appearing...real," I faltered as I scrounged around in my purse for a pen and paper and jotted the acronym on a used envelope.

Getting it down on paper, I read aloud, stronger this time:


At that, Robyn literally leaped off of the couch and did a little jig in front of me, laughing and saying, "You've got it!  And you know your dear Daddy is doing a jig up in Heaven now that you're on the way!"
Love her.

She was referring to my news, of course.  The news that I had received the artwork & designs for my God-sized dream, the prayer app, Branching Out in Faith.  
That God-sized dream you have supported and read about here on my blog.  
That God-sized dream born in my heart after months in the pit, unable to sing or work anymore in my chosen field.  
That God-sized dream that has been a game-changer for me.  
A game-changer in perspective and how to look at challenges and opportunities.  
A game-changer in how I have learned to ask for help
A game-changer, I truly believe, in my family's future.


(As a gift to all of you, here are a few of the screens which have been lovingly and expertly created by the team at Mastri Designs.  There are 13 screens total which are as beautiful as they are functional.  "Branching Out in Faith" will forever change our prayers lives and the way we look with gratitude on our many blessings.)

Entering into the app...choose a function!

An opportunity to list the things for which you are grateful
morning after morning.  A perspective changer when it
becomes an ingrained habit.  Best of all, you can share it!
(Though my hope is that your first gratitude
is different than the one listed here.
Poor Great Aunt Jeanie!
Those guys at Mastri Design are hilarious...)

There will be more seeds to choose from &
a few prayer quality changes based on the Gifts of The Holy Spirit.
But I love that you can be reminded anytime
of your need to pray a specific intention.
This was the original impetus for the app!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I feel so much excitement and profound expectation of what's to come.
The fear from the unknown, however, was that I have no way to finish funding this project.  A cool $12,000 left to go before it is fully developed.  Where that money is flying in, I do not know.  But, come to think of it, I didn't know from where the initial $8,000 was arriving either.  And to date, it is paid in full, thanks to many of you and your generosity, either financially or in prayer for this project.  (Biggest thank you again, by the way!)

So my current "false evidence appearing real?"  
I don't have a clue from where I will fund the rest of the project.

Faith and honest thoughts with no fear however?  
I have options to explore.
It will take humility to be sure.  
It will take work and ingenuity.  
It will take faith and patience, plus some savvy business skill.  
These elements I have within me....the hard work and faith I have to spare.  

No time for FEAR.  
All the evidence I need is in my heart and soul.
He is the evidence of a bright future in my life.
He and His plans for me, alone, are real. 


  1. Cynthia, how very exciting!! This looks great. Step by step, and this one is a giant one.

    1. Curt, you are dear. Thank you, thank you for this message. It is happening. It is a blessing. Love you.