Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Emmy Win for God...Part I

So...I have a theory.

NBC's "The Voice" won the 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program.  This in itself would not be remarkable if it weren't for the fact that "The Amazing Race," CBS' golden child, won it nine of the ten years it has existed as a category.  Aaaannnndddd, because "Race" was favored to win again this year.

Now, I'm no reality series aficionado.
My family watches a couple of reality programs that focus on uplifting and rebuilding, giving back and paying forward. 
But all in all, we like fictional television better. 
If I'm being honest, I tend to think that most reality TV is the current bane of society's existence. 
So why am I even writing about this?

Hold your horses...
It's because of my theory.

When "The Voice" pulled out the win, my son, Braden, was marveling over the unanticipated outcome. 
I said, "Braden, I have a theory about why 'The Voice' won." 
So Braden - who is all about statistics and predictions thus was rocked to the core over this unforeseen result - said, "Well, what is it, Mom?"
I told him I had recently read an article in Guideposts Magazine about the beautiful  journey producer Mark Burnett embarked upon while deciding to make The History Channel's "The Bible."

(What does this have to do with "The Voice?"  Again, hold your horses...I'm getting to it!  I promise!)

When Mark's wife, Roma Downey, the star of "Touched By An Angel," originally presented the idea to him, Mark wrote, "All I could come up with were reasons why I was wrong for this project. I’m a producer, not a theologian. This project, I was convinced, would require a deeper knowledge. The biggest question was, would a channel actually green-light this? Today’s kids probably know more about Batman and Robin than about David and Goliath, and more about the Matrix than about Daniel’s prophecies. They get their stories from the screen.  But that was it! Doing this “on the screen” would allow millions of people to discover the Bible. We knew we couldn’t teach it, but we could create an emotionally connecting dramatization that might make them open (or reopen) the Book..."

"I believe that God calls those with the right skills at the right time. Could it be that everything I’d learned about producing TV shows would culminate in this one massive project? It felt like a call. I couldn’t get it out of my head, as though the Holy Spirit was saying, “Yes, Mark, yes.”...I knew it was time to go for it again. This time it would be with a project that gave back to God for all my many blessings."

"The Bible" premiered in March 2013 and to date has had over 100 million viewers.  This series, a labor of love and thanksgiving to God for the Burnett family's many blessings, has touched millions of lives...
Has brought the amazing story of God and Christianity to faithful (and possibly non-faithful?) people worldwide...
And has defied a misconception that "real" stories of pageant kids and Kardashians, wife swapping and dramatic housewives will trump the desire to watch the greatest reality story of all time. 
"For that is what the Bible is, a story, the story of God’s love for his people, the greatest love story ever told." (MB)

So why is this relevant to "The Voice's" Emmy win?
And what IS my theory after all?

Well, Mark Burnett is not only the co-creator and executive producer of "The Bible" mini-series.
He's also the executive producer of "The Voice."
And up until 2013, nine out of ten wins for Outstanding Reality Competition Program went to "The Amazing Race."
Then Burnett embarked upon his own amazing race.
A race to create the story of God's love for His people.
A race to fulfill a call, telling that story of love to a whole new generation of people.
Then, not only 100 million views for The Bible, but...
An Emmy win for his other show.

We are blessed...
we hear a call...
we have faith in that call...
we answer that call, that God-sized dream...
we receive more blessings.

Can there be any question about the gist of my theory?

(Part II of "An Emmy Win for God" coming soon. 
A message for the terminally dense all wrapped up in 
"The Bible's" story of Abraham and Isaac. 
Stay tuned!)
Photo credit:  Geowombats on Flickr

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