Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shiny Feet

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet."
I love when the Light of Truth illuminates my path forward.
I think, however, that many times we feel we only receive The Word from Scripture...or a pulpit...or a church. 
I have started to realize in the past few years that His Word has always been around me in whatever form He thinks I'll most pay attention.
I got this Word recently from my friend, Robyn, and it has remained with me as I've worked to get my bearings back after a busy, blessed, but sometimes broken month:
"God has been sending us signs and angels
In 3's...3 times just in case we didn't get it the first and second time!!!
The WORDS yesterday were about not just waiting for the healing and restoration but ASKING
Ask and you shall receive. 
Being active and not feeling selfish or too bold in standing up strongly and speaking The Words of God and what He has placed in your heart and situations in your life." 


These words have continued to light a path for me and a fire within me. 
They suggest the possibility -
no, the necessity -
of, not just walking the line that God has set for us
(I don't know if any of us could truly ready ourselves for the mind-blowing power of those blessings)...
and certainly not just walking the line we've weakly drawn in the shifting sand...
but requesting, asking, communicating, in language clear and loud and loving what we want for our lives...
the healing we expect...
the restoration we're looking toward...
the health...
the wealth...
the prosperity...
the opportunity...
the gifts...
the work....
the play...
the wonder...
our God-sized dreams fulfilled....
our God-given birthright granted. 


Not because, as Robyn pointed out, we're being selfish or presumptuous. 
But because we BELIEVE
And it's when we BELIEVE in this way,
He knows we're ready. 
Ready for whatever road He has in store. 
That Word is a lamp unto me. 
A light for my path. 

Oh, how I love when my feet shine.

photo credit:  m.prinke, Flickr

Thursday, October 17, 2013


As I watched my husband and son walk to the car this past Sunday, driving to the 12:30PM church service, I realized that I had all kinds of "F-words" swirling around in my head.  Marking the FOURTH week of not writing down or recording anything, these weeks have been abundantly marked by various "F's."

FAMILY and so much FANTASTIC-NESS (is that a real "F-word"?) were in the forefront as my daughter, Colleen, completed her Quest Senior Project on October 8th in record high school time.
Successfully reaching over 200 young people in her production of The Young Americans 3-day workshop...
Inspiring countless FAMILIES in the sold-out audience...
Raising FIFTEEN-HUNDRED DOLLARS ($1,500) for participating schools...
And getting the surprise of her life as the Associate Director, Jarod Sheahan, invited her to be a member of this amazing non-profit performing arts college in the FALL of 2014.
What a FAIRYTALE for her. 
(FEELIN' it yet?!?)

This amazing, exhausting week was followed by FEAR and the FRAGILITY of life as one of my most dear FOUGHT an incredible fight for his health...
Admitted to the hospital...
Transferred to ICU then back out again.
Only today on to a rehabilitation facility where his path of healing will continue, he and his family FORTIFIED by FAITH in their quest for a bright and inspired FUTURE. 

And in between it all, struck head on with FLU and FEVER brought on by FATIGUE (and maybe His desire for us to slow down, listen, write a blog about Him and the lessons up until then?!?). 
Remembering to ask FORGIVENESS for the times when we FAILED to remember that our prayers are not FUTILE...
that we are not FRAIL when He lives in us, rather FULL of life and healing.

So as I come back to you, my community of FAITH,
I feel the FIRE of His love for me.
I feel FABULOUS and FORTUNATE in my future and that of those who surround me.
Above all, I feel the certainty that our FATHER, who art in Heaven, has looked on me and mine with great FAVOR in every part of our lives these last weeks.

In our FORTES and our FLAWS...
Yes, whether our FAULTS or our FAITH have been the FOCUS,
His Far and away FAVOR -
has FOSTERED our incredible FORTUNE. 

Now, those are some F-words I'm privileged to say!