Friday, September 20, 2013

Seeking Simple

The word "simple" has taken over brand marketing for the past decade or so as people seek to find quiet amidst the ever-increasing noise of our world.  Have you noticed? The word is everywhere.

SimpleHuman (kitchen and bathroom products)...
Real Simple (magazine)...
Simple Green (cleaning supplies)...
Simple Skincare (ummm, skincare)...
Simple (online banking)...

Part of me thinks that this quest for simplicity is admirable.  But  another part thinks that we endeavor to streamline certain things so that we can free up time to simply, but tumultuously, fill it with other things.  After all, if I can reorganize my home office to function optimally - with baskets containing my required reading, pretty file boxes holding my "to do's," and apps downloaded to corral my financial paperwork - then surely I'll have an extra hour a day, won't I? 

But how will I spend it?
Watching TV? 
Surfing the web? 
Getting lost in an ocean of social media? 
It's doubtful I'll gain the hour, only to elect to spend that precious time with the Author of Rest, the Prince of Peace.

Still, a few days ago, amidst the hubbub and the rush of life, I had a moment.  An epiphany, actually, though what hit me is a truth I've been told my whole life through.  I guess at almost 45 years of age, in my kitchen, making lunch for my boy, washing my hands with my SimpleHuman antibacterial soap, it was finally time for it to make it's way from my head to my heart.


In that moment I brushed aside the exhaustion, the soul-weariness of these past challenging months, to MARVEL at His grace and love for me. 
A grace I do not deserve, especially with my history of wrong choices and impatient temper tantrums. 
("I want it NOW!!!!  The lesson! The gifts! The pleasure! The reward!") 

But the true revelation is not that I am blessed.
It's why I'm blessed.
This grace, it cannot be earned (as is evidenced by the fact that I, a frequent and hideous sinner, am receiving it). 
There's nothing I can do to get it.
And nothing I can do to erase it.
It's mine....simply...because I'm His.
It's a gift - nothing more.
It's a grace given to His children by a Father who simply cares.
Simply accepts.
Simply forgives.
Simply loves.
Simply lives - in those priceless, peaceful moments - in the quiet of our hearts.

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