Thursday, June 20, 2013

Does God Take Summer Vacation?

I really love summer.
The warmth (and the air conditioning).
The late mornings (and even later nights).
The company of my children enjoying their first few days off from the scholarly grind.

Mickey Mouse is calling less.
Church obligations slow down.
The prospect of visiting with friends and family is something exciting to look forward to.

Still, with the change of schedule, scenery, and company, I've been feeling a bit like God is getting lost in my summer plans.
Does God take summer vacation?

I'm sure it's just me.
My schedule.
My priorities.
My mornings are less about sitting down, reading my devotionals and having a cup of coffee with Him in the dark, quiet hours.
They're more about games and television shows and workout schedules and sleeping in just a little. 
They're about "Have you eaten breakfast?"
"What's your blood sugar?"
"Have you had any water yet today?"
"What time are you working out?"
"Have you read anything today?"
"What do you want for lunch?"
Well, you get the picture.

But my kids are home and I have to be honest...these past few years, I CANNOT WAIT for them to get out of school and be with me.  I just love spending time with them so much.  And isn't that part of what He has called me to do?

So what's the deal, Cynth? 
Maybe I'm supposed to be Jesus with skin on to my chilluns in the last few years they are home. 
Or is it the other way around?

I was having a funky day a couple of days ago.  Agitated and anxious over my big, bold God-sized project(Maybe running the campaign into the first few weeks of summer wasn't such an awesome idea?!? Duh...) Plus I had to take Braden to his every three months endocrinologist appointment.  On my way out the door, Colleen said, "Are you okay, Mama?"  And I said, "Yeah...I'm just stressed.  Say a prayer for me while I'm gone, yes?"  As I hugged her hard, she whispered in my ear:

"He has a plan."

I fell apart.
So maybe it isn't about me showing them and living in faith for them.
Maybe it's about the people I have home with me ministering to me.
That they're my Jesus with skin on.
That we can all get close to Him in a different way in these lazy, breezy summer months.
That He's still talking to me...just in a different voice.

Thank God that God doesn't take summer vacation.

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