Sunday, June 23, 2013

1000 Gifts Sunday

Special thanks to Ann Voskamp for her 1000 Gifts challenge on her blog "A Holy Experience."  Ann has been in Africa for the past week meeting her adopted child, Anna, through Compassion International.  The pictures, stories and lessons she has shared have been so uplifting and inspiring. (#FarmGirlsinAfrica)  It has made me realize how richly blessed my life is.

May I share those blessings with you here in this sacred space?

Gratitudes 972-995

972. Seeing Cathy Lewis at St. Hedwig...singing, living, and sharing the Holy Spirit.
973. For Neysha's visit, making Colleen feel and look beautiful...and for getting Coll's product to me before her trip to Michigan!
974. For days of doubting and believing...crying and rejoicing...feeling anxious and uplifted.  So many lessons...

975. For a terrific endocrinologist to look after Braden… for her reassurance and comfort… for a tissue at the exact moment I needed it
976.  For my husband who works so hard, working through the night four days in a row to do his job beautifully, taking incredible care of our family.
977.  For the most valuable visit I've had with Dr. Gray in months…receiving terrific advice and insight.  And for absolution of guilt. :)
978  For an impromptu dinner with friends… Elizabeth & Annie.
979. For French cuisine…sharing small plates…for bread pudding…and dark beer. (Can you say gluten overdose?)
980.  For bearing souls and laughing and sharing and accepting each other as beautiful, flawed women.
981.  For generous contributions to my big, bold, God-inspired project Branching Out in Faith.
981. For cheers from the sidelines… for friends and family who encourage… for those who believe in me even when I don't believe in myself.
982.  For moments light and bright with Colleen...and moments deep and personal...for the most amazing daughter on the planet.
983.  For Braden's heartbreaking offer, "Mom, don't give me that $60 you owe me." (I borrowed it when I was short of cash for the Farmer's Market one Sunday.)  "What do I need with $60?  Just use it as a donation for your campaign, Mom.  Take it...please, take it."  (Cannot.Take.Him.)
984.  Watching movies and laughing together until it hurts.
985.  Jeopardy!
986.  For the sacred mundane...laundry and cleaning and straightening and dish washing.  A reminder that working with one's hands is good for the soul.
987.  For airplane tickets purchased exclusively on miles...a visit home to the family is much needed.
988.  For the Brawleys caring for my sweet Colleen in her trip to Michigan,
989.  Mary Leist...enough said...
990.  For a day of Colleen helping me by running errands; taking her brother to get his hair cut; shopping for her own travel needs plus a little grocery shopping.  Who knew a 16 year old driver could be such an amazing help?!?
991.  For having a child so trustworthy, you can hire them to do work for your workload - which is overflowing! 
(BradenYou hired Colleen to do some of your writing input?  Can I do it too? 
MeI don't know - how fast do you type? 
BradenFaster than you!)
992.  For prayers said on the floor, just like my childhood.
993.  Emails from Nico and from those girls!
994.  For a beautiful homily today by Father Jim. So gorgeous. So deep. Love that man!
995. For letting go. 
For trusting
For being okay with not knowing. 
For accepting I will never understand. 
What freedom I've found (for today, at least) in this.

 - Will reach 1000 by next week.
Wow...such an endeavor.
And an incredible blessing.
Thanks for reading.

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