Sunday, June 2, 2013

1000 Gifts Sunday

Thanks to Ann Voskamp and the weekly challenge on her blog, "A Holy Experience" for the impetus to continue counting my blessings.  Here they are for the past two most heartfelt gratitudes.  Enjoy!

Gratitudes #927-952

#927  Farmer's Market fresh produce shopping with Colleen
#928  Running into Melissa, our kids' babysitter from years back...meeting her fiance'...reminiscing about old times
#929  Reading at church with my girl, having the whole church pray for the repose of my Daddy's soul
#930  Empathetic middle school teachers, more concerned with my son's health than with pushing homework deadlines 
#931  Good workouts...looking forward to doing more
#932  His grace, goodness and care for my family
#933  Braden's Spring Concert...hearing his voice ring out so clearly
#934  ...then his choir festival event, taking home all gold
#935  ...and in a dazzling display of quick-action, watching his teacher physically carry off a kid who fainted onstage while the all-boy choir maintained composure and continued singing.  Grateful that Mrs. Riley's priorities were so evident...what a great example for the kids!
#936  Dinner out with Colleen and Drew, just the three of us
#937  Beautiful conversations with various family through the one-year anniversary of Daddy's passing, knowing that they were together and supporting each other - and supporting me from far away
#938  A really good year follow-up with Colleen's doctor...hearing that her scoliosis curve appears to have corrected by two degrees over the year!  Such awesome news!  Thank you Lord!
#939  Great doctors for my kids...blessed to have healthcare insurance.
#940  Cooking with my girl...amazing guacamole!  Even better asparagus/tomato salad!
#941  Haircut & color! Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits!  The grey is takin' over...
#942  Three AMAZING Disney workshops...great classes of kids, so open and creative
#943  Helpful and enthusiastic Disney Guest Talent Coordinators and Audio Engineers...makin' the workshop work!
#944  A dedicated and understanding husband who listens and supports
#945  Memorial Day and the opportunity to honor those who fight, and have fought, so hard for our country
#946  A fun day for Braden at Knott's Berry Farm
#947  An incredible evening with my friend, Jessica, enjoying dinner, conversation, laughter and a show, "Next to Normal" - Tony award winner for a reason!
#948  A visit with Lisa on a lazy Sunday afternoon
#949  My big, bold, God-sized dream, "Branching Out in Faith"
#950  Friends and family who have supported me financially and by spreading the word 
#951  A challenge to my faith and the opportunity to say, "I believe...with God all things are possible...and everything is possible in His time."
#952  Walking in faith

- Thanks for reading.
For your continued prayers.
For your support.
For visiting me in this sacred space.
Have a blessed week.

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