Sunday, June 16, 2013

1000 Gifts Sunday - Father's Day Edition

Today I have two guest writers joining me for this 1000 Gifts Sunday, Father's Day Edition.  Both experts in the field of successful paternal parenting, they each have over a decade of experience - one having almost seventeen years - with studying, assessing and experiencing the relationship between fathers and children.  Their fieldwork is unparalleled, and they have been fortunate to have intimately studied a stellar subject.

They are my children, Colleen & Braden.

Coll, Brae & I have come up with the things for which we are most grateful in the favorite father in our lives, Drew McGarity.  We are blessed to know that he is faithful, loving and showing up every day to give, give, give to our family.

(Thanks, as always, to Ann Voskamp and her 1000 Gifts challenge from A Holy Experience to write and share the things for which we are most thankful.  We'll make it there yet, Ann!)   

Gratitudes #953-971

(Braden's list)
#953  His love for our family and his kindness toward our family
#954  His love for sports (someone I can actually talk to about them)
#955  His love for music that we all share with him

#956  His jokes that make us laugh
#957  His dedication about everything he does

(Colleen's list)
#958  His continuous support for all of us in everything we do
#959  Having him as a great workout buddy
#960  His love for music, which is contagious, that he shares with our family
#961  How he dedicates himself 100% in everything he does, including his work which he is committed to doing to support our family
#962  His spending time with each of us
#963  His unending love for all of us

(And mine...)
#964  His sense of adventure, get-up-and-go-ness, and encouraging us all to get outside of our comfort zones (which are a bit too wide, I'm afraid :)
#965  His relish in all things physical, pushing himself to his limits just to see how far he can take it...a great example for the kids in being active and honoring your body as a temple
#966  His love of music and his desire to, not only share it but, ensure that the children are both cultivating their musical gifts (which are enormous, I might add!)
#967  His little chuckle followed by "sweet girl" that he started saying when
Colleen was a baby - and continues to say today    

#968  His hugs and kisses every time he leaves the house as the words "love you, Bud, proud of you" linger in the air
#969  His willingness to learn and encourage the children to continue doing so, demonstrating that it's a lifetime pursuit, not just a K-12th one!
#970  His showing up and staying in our lives, day in and day out - when things are hard and trying as much as when they're happy and loving.  Drew, you are an amazing example of love and commitment to family, marriage and fatherhood, and for that, I cannot be more grateful.  Thank you for setting such an amazing example for the kids.
#971  Most importantly, his faith in God; his commitment to our church community; his example of patience and grace.

We love you, honey (Daddy)!!!

- Thanks for reading.
Praying for all fathers today.
Longest shout-out in history to
my Daddy in Heaven...
so happy you're with our Father, Daddy. 
Love you. 

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