Thursday, May 16, 2013

When You Don't Know What to Say

I just finished a writing deadline overdue by a day. 
It's so rare that I get stuck. 
That I'm at a loss. 
That I can't find the words. 
It's so rare that I don't know what to say.

Yep, I'm a talker.
A chatty Kathy.
I've got the gift of gab.
However you choose to say it, you're describing me.
Did I mention it's rare that I don't know what to say?

The past week, though, since my word loss has set in, I've been wondering why.
Is it the deluge of illness we've experienced the last few weeks in my family?
Is it sheer exhaustion?
Is it the trials that my friends and family are enduring?
Is it that my attention is now split between writing and my new teaching gig?
Or is it that the creative writing muse is simply eluding me right now?

I've heard the answer.
And you know what I've discovered it is?
Yes to all of it.
Because the more in-depth answer I've received is...this is life.

Life is all around us, in the joy and in the tears.
It's in the illness and the boundless energy.
It's in cancer and asthma and Alzheimer's and scoliosis.
It's in beach play and education and family and technology.
It's in growing a business and losing a business.
It's in strengthening a voice and losing that voice.
It's in marriage and pregnancy and adoption and unconditional love.
It's in everything we experience.
And it's overwhelming and distracting...
the cause of focus and loss of focus....
the impetus for words and for loss of words.

So what do you do when you don't know what to say?
Simply pray.
Open your heart to Him and let Him fill you with what you need.
Whether that need is words or quiet...
Song or heartbreak...
Activity or rest.
He'll know.
And He'll be with you until you find the reason to say something important...
Until the words you speak are Him.

Image credit:  Microsoft word images, provided by Fotolia

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