Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bringing Gratitude Back - 1000 Gifts Sunday

The last few weeks, I have decided to tackle a personal issue I've been dealing with for years and years...never finishing what I start!  So I'm bringing it back - gratitude, that is.  Yes, I never reached 1000 last year in my endeavor to take part in Ann Voskamp's challenge on her website "A Holy Experience."  Plus, I really, really missed taking an hour or so each week to list the things for which I am grateful.  So enjoy...and maybe consider taking the challenge yourself, making a list of your own each week?  Would love to hear them!

Gratitudes #857 - 883

#857 For my beautiful daughter, Colleen.  For her sharing with me. Communicating with me.  Listening to me.  For letting me love her more than any girl in the whole world.  Luckiest mom ever.
(Colleen and her best friend since 1st grade, Emilee) 

#858  For an amazing, life changing trip to UK and Ireland.  For an amazing cast of singers and dancers who welcomed me with open arms.  For challenging situations there allowing me to lean on His grace for answers. 

#859  For the Irish countryside...especially an afternoon at Giants Causeway.

#860  For hearts sent from Heaven and my Daddy...

#861  For the beautiful union of Katherine and Geoff and the most meaningful Greek Orthodox service.  Exquisite...
#862  For Jessica singing "Ave Maria" as Kat walked down the aisle...glorious.
#863  For a finally finished, expertly completed bathroom.  And for two sinks in one place!  Yahoo!!

#864  For college tours for my girl.  A lovely and wonderfully landscaped UCLA as the front runner.  Can't wait to see what happens!

#865  For the opportunities to decorate our parish hall with my best friend
 before Easter and to feed our adopted family.  Beyond blessed to have enough to give.

#866  For a night out eating Mexican food (tableside guacamole) with my girl and painting pottery after.

#867  For a stellar performance of "Guys & Dolls" by the middle school choirs at Stanford Middle School...and co-starring Braden McGarity as Tourist Dad/Guy in Suit.  

(Wearing Grandpa Joe's Hawaiian shirt and his necktie...)  Awesome!

#868 For Easter celebrations with Drew's family

 #869 For a trip north, visiting colleges, touring San Fransisco, watching some major league baseball and meeting up with family friends. 
Great Spring Break!

#870  For the BEST COOKIE EVER!!!  Thank you Pacific Cookie Company...

#871  For the opportunity to be a "loved one" at our little Lizzy's Grandparents and Loved Ones Day.  Precious girl, precious poetry...

#872  For valuable and joyful new work...teaching at Disneyland!  Feeling valued and appreciated.  A whole new world opening up...pun intended. :)

#873  For quiet days with my kids

#874  For a husband who nurtures and protects, works and supports, accepts and applauds.  So lucky...

#875  For the Ireland cast YA's who came to stay with my family.  For the way they loved, accepted and encouraged my children.  For a boat ride with them around my favorite, Alamitos Bay.  For thank you notes, truly written from the heart.

#876  For the performance opportunity near home that the Young Americans provided my children and their friends.  For the esteem they build in children all over the world.  For treating my babies like gold.

#877  For Ginger Spice...
#878  ...and the Lion King soloist.

#879  For an incredible team of associate directors, of which I am now a part.

#880  For Drew "tying one on" in honor of my father...Daddy's necktie, that is.  Waaahhhh... 

#881  For the most amazing weekend with little Lizzie Brawley.  For making us remember to play games and have fun.  For giving us hugs and laughter and making us think.  So grateful.

#882  For Flat Maggie and fun and games...the most fun I've had taking care of a puppet ever!


#883  For a visit with Maddie, home from New York for only 2 days, and hearing about her school life.

# 884   And lastly, but most importantly...
For His abiding love and grace...
for His dying on the cross to cover my sins...
for His guidance, love, patience and forgiveness...
for blessing me with this unbelievable life. 
Thank You, Lord, for all that I've been given.

In gratitude for all that you give me by visiting this humble space.
Thank you for your support.
And thanks for reading.

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